Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1: We Negotiate With Terrorists Review [GameRevolution]

"Clappers Wreake is absolutely the worst place to live in. Crime is at an all-time high and its streets are filled with filthy people who care nothing for the common policeman. Hector is one of those coppers, and today, he's going to save the day. After getting up from a night out on town. Pantless." - Eduardo Reboucas

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insertcoin2788d ago

Can always count on Telltale to deliver awesome adventures.

stormeagle62788d ago

Yeah, this really doesn't look like anything I'd care about, but being from Telltale automatically gives it mucho bonus points.

samurailincoln2788d ago

This game looks hilarious. Already DL'ed a copy and can't wait to play it.