Firefall - Sunken Harbor Team Deathmatch Trailer

The Stellar Ponies fight the Blood Falcons in this deathmatch trailer.

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BeastlyRig2784d ago

This game will be sweet!!

maawdawg2784d ago

I played it a bit at PAX and it the deathmatch felt like a bit of Tribes (movement and jetpacks), Team Fortress (classes), and Halo mixed (low bullet impact and weapon feel).

The only thing I really didn't like is any time you "kill" someone they drop to the ground and can be picked up, which is fine in a close combat game but it makes no sense playing Recon. If you snipe someone you have to run/fly across the map to melee kill them to finish them or you get no points for your team. A long shot will drop someone but then you have to rush to get close to them and generally they are closer to a teammate so you end up running towards a 1 on 2 a lot.

It made it much smarter to play medic and assault, basically.

It had issues, but was fun overall, and free is free.

Kingdom Come2784d ago

The debut footage demonstration was incredible. However, for me (As I spend almost all my online gameplay on Xbox Live) it would need to make its way to consoles for me to get it, regardless, I hope the developers have a great deal of success with the title...

bozebo2784d ago

A free, small developer game on console? Wishful thinking.

Kingdom Come2784d ago

A guy can dream, right? :P

LoaMcLoa2784d ago

Team Fortress 2/Borderlands with jetpacks?

Electroshocked2784d ago

Now Battlefield Heroes for console would be fu**ing awesome, I need to get back into that game somehow.

_LarZen_2784d ago

It looks nice but havent we all seen this 1 billion times before?