EA continue to run Need for Speed into the ground

DGP: "It’s hard not to think that the tired NFS franchise is being pushed beyond its rev limiter – I still haven’t finished Hot Pursuit or Shift 2 and both titles are still being peppered with lashings of DLC, so the announcement of The Run feels a tad too early."

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rabidpancakeburglar2636d ago

Yeah it's too many, 3 in a year is beyond a joke

MrBeatdown2636d ago

It's actually not three in a year. It's two.

If you put it the way you are, you could say Activision released MW2 and Black Ops in a year.

Hot Pursuit and The Run are a year apart, with Shift 2 in the middle. As long as they are quality games with different mechanics, I don't see the problem. It's really just a name on a box. I just finished Shift 1 and moved on to Hot Pursuit and they are really completely different games.

rabidpancakeburglar2635d ago

If they are a year apart with shift in the middle then that is 3 in a year

MrBeatdown2634d ago

And I can buy a month of Xbox Live in mid April, but since it doesn't expire until May, I get two months, right?

firefoxprime2636d ago

Heh, 3 in a year? Sounds like activision to me...muhahaha. Ha.

Execpt GuitarHero rehash version 47 + DS version + mobile version? the same gameplay. With diff songs slapped on.

These NFS titles are strikingly different. Sim, arcade, and story driven each branch out into seperate directions.

egidem2636d ago

I'm SO GLAD that Criterion games doesn't do the same with their Burnout franchise. Really, now all EA cares about is just making sure that their investors meet their quarterly profits that's it. Didn't a need for Speed game just recently come out? Before that, didn't Hot Pursuit come out last year?

It's like they've run out of ideas. All they're doing is taking ideas for the next need for speed project; throw them on the wall and if it sticks, they go with it.

firefoxprime2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I dunno. These last previous titles seem to have more "umph" than that last 7 titles. Pro Street, somethin somethin, undercover etc. After underground, the titles getting lamer and lamer. But its great Criterion is really creating top notch titles.

DeadlyFire2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Well as long as they are solidly built as different genres or types I am fine. Hot Pursuit I love, Shift 2 I hate. That is just my preference. This one I don't know.

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TenSteps2636d ago

They're trying to cater to all the racing game styles it seems.

NFS Shift was more sim, Hot Pursuit was more arcade burnout, This one from what I assume by the trailer is trying to go for a more story approach or a more chaotic environment approach that both MS:A and Split/Second did.

Hopefully EA is just using the name Need for Speed as marketing ploy to help with the intial sales and don't face the burden of the "New IP", I mean Shift 2 dropped the NFS title so I think that's the most likely scenario with this.

morkendo232636d ago

think THE RUN will cater to all nfs gamers. and bring back its glory days

alousow2636d ago

every year a new need for speed come on, poeple r not even bying it no more

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