Top 7 Scariest Games

It's Halloween season (my favorite season!) and to celebrate I decided to kick off gamegirl Top 7 List section with the 7 scariest games. Now remember, these lists are only my opinion, they are in no way an official lists or have anything to do with sales numbers and charts. So let's begin!

1. Doom 3
Everyone remembers Doom, the game that you played in the dark. Doom was creepy for it atmosphere, it's "end of the world" feeling with such darkness and it's unnerving soundtrack. Monsters seemed to come out of nowhere, you only caught a glimpse as you frantically looked around with your flashlight. Doom didn't play with your head like some of the other games I will mention, but it definitely mastered the loud noise that made you jump effect.

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FirstknighT4080d ago

Yeah my number one is also Doom 3. One of the best FPS I have ever played. But they also forgot my number 1 scariest game.....Splatterhouse 2 for the Genesis.

Omegasyde4080d ago

Doom 3 gave me nightmares. Great game that deserves a great sequel.

Bolts4080d ago

Er, Doom 3 IS a sequel. According to iD Carmack isn't interested in revisiting old IPs. If Doom 4 is made it will be done by a third party. Raven get my vote, they're always great at using the iD engines.

Apocwhen4080d ago

I would of had F.E.A.R. in this list at least...

BLUR1114080d ago

doom 3 deserved #1 but eternal darkness should of been right behind doom3 cuz that game is wicked

playinitcool4080d ago

yeh, fear was preeetty crazy >.<

jaja14344080d ago

Stupid ass dog...
Ohh and for pure shock value, the part in FEAR where you start to climb down the latter and turn around to see that creep girl.. Yea I was on that part at night and I sent my(wireless) mouse flying threw the air, which hit my dog, and then broke on the floor.

I wasn't sure if I should be angry at the game or myself for being startled so much.

Prismo_Fillusion4080d ago

Fun list! I tried playing SH2 alone in my dorm room (couple years ago) with the lights off and door closed. 30 minutes later I was playing with the lights on, door open, and music playing on my computer.

Lionsguard4080d ago

Games like DOOM3 just wasn't scary because no matter what popped it's head out the door all I had to do was remember that I had a crazy ass Plasma rifle ready to fry it's head off. Silent Hill 1 now THAT is a scary ass game. I couldn't even finish it. The atmosphere and everything was perfect...TOO perfect. So perfect it was disturbing everytime I played it. I had to contemplate wether I should play it or not and everytime I did I only took a few steps around, saved and turned the machine off because it frightend me too much. The most memorable part of that game was when it was Nighttime and that puny little flashlight barely illuminated 3-4 feet in front of you and out of no where these zombie children or whatever they were came out and started stabbing you or eating you damnit I wont be able to sleep now..Even to this day the game still makes my life miserable!

Omegasyde4080d ago

that static on the radio when enemies came close was genious. Combine that with the fog and omg what a masterpiece.

Silent Hill 4 was pretty good as well, you should give it a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.