Capcom’s Svensson: “PC Gaming’s Profile Is Growing At Capcom”

Siliconera: "Fighting games site, Event Hubs, have been keeping a close eye as always on Capcom’s forums, and came across a thread with Capcom USA VP, Christian Svensson, answering a question from a fan about the company’s plans for the PC platform."

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BeastlyRig2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

great man great! Don't act like Rockstar!

starchild2492d ago

This is indeed great news. PC gaming is a very significant market that shouldn't be ignored.

According to recent worldwide sales data (which includes digital game sales) the PC platform is larger than any single console platform. The continuing rapid growth in the number of Steam accounts is also a very good sign.

I'm just pleased that despite the oft-repeated claims of a supposed decline in PC gaming (mainly from people looking at retail sales and ignoring the fact that much of the market has moved towards digital distribution), it is in fact growing and gaining more support.

reznik_zerosum2492d ago

remember DMC4 for PC,like best port ever ty capcom for that

Stealth20k2492d ago

more money is still made with retail

Voxelman2492d ago

actually as of 2009 less than half of PC game sales revenue is from retail. And that is not including things like MMO subs and micro-transactions...

kevnb2492d ago

more money for retail owners that we just dont need to be wasting money on.

Garrison2492d ago

Defenetly pc is the best platform to play games in. I made a gaming pc when F.E.A.R came out and been a pc gamer since. I love all my consoles but play on pc mostly. It's just that if you want to have the best experience on any game you play that on pc. It just has amazing options to play all of your games with almost any type of controls you want and always the best graphics and sound. Not to mention there are more games on pc than anywhere else. It's unbeatable. Capcoms resident evil 5 on pc is bliss.

hano2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

That's what I like to hear Sven. Now bring Dragon's Dogma, Street Fighter X Tekken and all the other stuff you announced to PC and we'll be Best Friends Forever.

Cmon Capcom, take my money.

BeastlyRig2492d ago

It should also be noted that, while a PC version of Dragon’s Dogma hasn’t been announced, the game’s producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, recently stated in a video Q&A that, should demand for a PC version arise, Capcom will consider releasing one.

- article

Spread the word ! I want this on PC!!

Dragon’s Dogma:

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