7.0 Patapon 3 Review "Patapon 3 is a pretty good game and even if you aren't necessarily into rhythm games, it's a far more accessible adventure than the previous two. The core mechanics are exactly the same and are incredibly easy to learn. Not to mention, dropping a beat once or twice won't kill your Fever. However, the game has lost so much of its charm thanks to a lot of streamlining outside of the actual missions. The game has also taken a liking to grinding as opposed to strategy, so be prepared to grind for hours on end. Unfortunately, this doesn't make it the best game to take out of the house as the amount of concentration required is pretty demanding. The online multiplayer portion is pretty massive and I daresay it's one of the selling points of the game. Regardless, whether you're a solo player or one with friends to share the adventure with, Patapon 3 delivers quite a bit of bang for the humble $20 price tag that it asks of you."

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mephman2788d ago


It's a shame they dumbed it down a bit, but the game still sounds good.

Hardedge2788d ago

Yeah it's not as charming as it used to be, but still a solid game for just $20.

fozzness2788d ago

I dig it. I definitely love me some rhythm games and 7/10 isn't that bad.

Hardedge2788d ago

It's still fun, but it's just not the same anymore.

_Q_2788d ago

They need to port these days to PS3. I'd pay $10 a piece.. Loved part one..dying to play 2 and 3