Infamous 2 length at least 12 hours talks to Nate Fox, game director for Infamous 2, about the length of the game. For a single playthrough, focusing on one karma path, it'll take at least 12 hours to reach the end.

Want to know the other ending, then you'll need at least 12 more hours to walk the other path. Add in additional missions and collectibles and the hours add up even more.

More news on Infamous 2 and a hands-on will appear soon on

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rabidpancakeburglar2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

WOOOOOOO. Can someone tell me how long the first was? I never paid attention to how long it took me to beat

thanks nitro and disturbing

Nitrowolf22667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

i think it was somewhere between 8-10 hours for story not sure didn't pay much attention to time either, i heard it can go up to 35+ Hour with everything.

In reality infamous 2 is 24Hour long of story, since really each path offers a completely different story.

Can't wait for this

LOGICWINS2667d ago

And THEN you have the UCG content..which extends the life of the game until Infamous 3 comes out. AND u get the UC3 beta.

So much value in this package!

disturbing_flame2667d ago

To finish it @ 100%, count easily 30h for the first one.

sycnation2667d ago

I did platinum it at 30 hours, i think. Took forever to do the shards and max out evil purchases.
I would hope it would be just as long as number 1.


disturbing_flame2667d ago

Shards were clearly a pain in the a**.

To me it's the opposite, my first run i was evil. /cool

One of my favorite PS3 game.

hudsoniscool2667d ago

that doesnt tell you how long the actual game is. i did a speed run of mass effect and 2 in 11.5 hours and 17 hours but to complete to 100% they were both 35+hours.

Misterhbk2667d ago

Can't wait for this. I'm still working on the first Infamous, though I just beat Alder and get the feeling that I'm closing in on the end of the game. I'm roughly 20 hours in. I've done lots more than just the main story though. this game is too much fun!

Peaceful_Jelly2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

The first inFamous took me 18-20hours for platinum (the only plat I have BTW) and I was taking my time while doing the missions. tip: if you play the game on its hardest difficulty you get like 4 times more exp to buy powers then on "normal".

Deathz2667d ago

Actually your wrong.

Playing the game on hard gives you less xp whereas playing on easy/medium gives you more xp.

You haven't played Infamous have you lol.

metsgaming2667d ago

well i think most people will play it twice, once as hero and once as villain. Its hard to say how long a open world game will be unless they just do the missions one after another but people dont play like that at least in their first playthrough.

rabidpancakeburglar2667d ago

lol had to read through what I wrote again

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BizDaWolf2667d ago

for someone like me playing on hard its going to take me longer

Black102WingS2667d ago

Excellent contender for GOTY 2011

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