AVG’s Chief Research Officer On Cloud, Paying Hackers and The Biggest Threats of the Next Five Years

PSLS: In part two of our exclusive interview, we discuss whether Sony should pay hackers for help, how they should react to groups like Anonymous and if the internet itself is flawed.

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InFAMOUS12488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Ya it was. Great how he mentioned the whole online electronic system is flawed and no matter who the company or individual, you are capable of being hacked...

EDIT: Going back to the first interview I LOVED his one answer... Sorta like saying PSN got hacked, oh well back to Jersey Shore.

PSLS: Looking back at the cloud and integrated systems – do you think Sony’s breach will slow people’s uptake of the cloud and damage the industry as a whole, or will people quickly forget?

RT: I live in a country where every time there’s a thunderstorm the weather channel reminds people not to drive into water of an unknown depth so I suspect that people will forget pretty quickly.

EDIT 2: @ DocStrange.
No doubt about it.. The fact that credit card fraud alone is in the tens of billions a year worldwide is scary enough, then factor in identity theft and it is just a ugly ugly picture.. I honestly just hope that other gaming websites over the next several months actually reflect on what happened. Because the reality is this time of stuff happens everyday and on an individual basis is larger then 77 million people..

doctorstrange2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Yeah, it really is scary how fragile it really is, almost makes me think that I should regularly change credit cards just to be safe. We really are in for trouble at this rate.

Yeah, at the end of the day only people who have been compromised will really remember this in a few months time (oh and trolls)

SuperKing2488d ago

Keep up the great work, this is really good materiel.

Paragon2488d ago

Wow, that was very good - very interesting! Great Interview.

BigWoopMagazine2488d ago

When you put it that way, paying the hackers is kind of smart - they're gonna try to hack it anyway. Might as well find out how.

Put on your big boy undies Sony!

HebrewHammer2488d ago

I really hope they catch whatever little shits were responsible for this. I want them to be crucified and paraded around the streets, so we can toss our fecal matter at them, just like they did to Mussolini back in 1945. I think that would make up for my inability to play Portal 2 Co-op or Socom 4 online...