The Death of the FPS: Five Reasons Why I Can't Stand The Genre Anymore

Gaming Irresponsibly's Mike Askren looks into the prevalent issues that plague modern FPS games, and the reasons they may be evolving into titles of a different color.

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agentxk2639d ago

Needs to play Section 8: Prejudice

Legion2638d ago

So he can cry??? That game is awful!!!

Redgehammer2638d ago

I disagree. The battles are frenetic, crazy, and imo a blast. I have not been disappointed with my purchase one bit.

Legion2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Good for you... but the game is still awful. A few people still like awful games, just something that happens.

And where is the story and everything else that the article hypes on? No place... Section 8 is just a multiplayer game pretending to have a solo mission.

bozebo2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Sounds like you have a problem with certain fps games, and not the genre itself.

e-p-ayeaH2638d ago

He just wants to play DNF that´s all.

agentxk2638d ago

I think there will be some fresh blood injected into the genre soon.

Blad3star2638d ago

I hope so because they are all starting to look the same.

admiralvic2638d ago


1) Every now and then games come out with solid story. Bioshock was great! Bioshock 2 wasnt as good... but it was a good try. Singularity had an interesting story too. As you said so many have been done, but a lot of genera's like military only have so many paths.

2) I've seen several alternate modes... Play bulletstorm its more of a co op MP than traditional. Singularity had several interesting elements beyond modes like being able to "invade" peoples head. Mindjack allowed you to join other peoples games and troll them. There are SEVERAL games that break the formula...

3) Graphics are rather unimportant... However this is insanely nitpicky.

4) Most games which have "tiers" or "levels" online; even if you gain skills they rarely help a lot. I could have 40 levels on someone in Mindjack and the most I would have is slightly faster hacking or 10% more damage. This all add's up, but it not like theres an insane break in power / skill. Crysis 2 was bad in this regard... but generally speaking most later skills were under used and worthless in MANY online games.

5) I would like an example of what is "acceptable"...

Reading this article reminded me of how someone tries to justify hating a genera...

Legion2638d ago

I think a game that attempted to switch things up was Mirror's Edge. But it was a bit lacking in story and was missing that special spark that carried on to gamers across the board.

I do think that Borderlands brought about good style and story scenarios in their FPS try. And the drop in and out of players into the game made it that much better.

You do really need to add immersive story elements and some form of role playing upgrade system into the mix for a game to really keep your attention these days.

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