Fallout: New Vegas “Fixed” Patch Coming Tonight

After Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment reported today that the patch they released this morning was “corrupt”, the team immediately goes back to work in fixing it and alas, it’s coming tonight.

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R_A_LEE202784d ago

Any word when the PS3 is getting the patch...?

....Oh Wait!

Neckbear2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Actually, even with PSN down, you can still download patches.

Just sayin'

velocitygamer2784d ago

You really are pathetic. You can still download patches without PSN.

norman292784d ago

Yeah that was a pretty epic fail troll attempt right there, you can still download patches without being connected to PSN

DarkBlood2784d ago

oh i didnt know that thanks for saying that

TheFreak2784d ago

haha R_A_LEE20 facked up

Frak2784d ago

BS on your face noob, you can still download patches.

This Statement Gentlemen shows that he does not own a PS3 and is a Xbots who just showed up and started trolling on the PS3.

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KwietStorm2784d ago

"Fallout: New Vegas" and "fixed" in the same know what, forget it.

aquamala2784d ago

Game is still buggy after all this time? Do you still have to use the elevator glitch to get your lost companions back?

Anonymous_2784d ago Show
aaabbbccc43242784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

unfortunately ive already finished this game and now theres nothing to do until psn is back up

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