Destructoid Review: Conduit 2

Destructoid writes: "I've spent the past week playing through the short, but inevitably sweet single player campaign of the sequel to one of the most talked about games last year. I then spent some time playing through its new multiplayer modes and having some fun online. Yes, this sequel was released last Tuesday and it was kind of a big deal".

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Dsnyder2790d ago ShowReplies(1)
phantomexe2790d ago

Good game just played it.

mastiffchild2787d ago

I gave the series a second chance because, even though the first game failed on virtually EVERY target HVS set themselves for it they did, at least, have some high bars set for themselves in terms of design, graphics and overall ambition.

So... I p[icked the game up and it won't effin' work so I'll have to take it back. Reports I've heard are all over the place, mind, but I didn't mind some of the first game's MP so you never know. Thing is, I'm not that impressed by some of the supposedly great bosses and such we've seen but, as stated, giving it a chance. When I get a working copy!!

pcz2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The game is a waste of space, like i predicted.

LoaMcLoa2790d ago

Who gives a fuck what Metro think?

pcz2790d ago

they are highly respected in uk. you could buy games on the strength of their review and KNOW the game will be good.

if metro gives it 4/10 you can guarantee the game is total bollocks.

i predicted this anyway. feel free to inbox me an apology :)

ChickeyCantor2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Love how one review suddenly overrules all.

Selective reading is not the way to go.

"i predicted this anyway. feel free to inbox me an apology :)"

LOL, sheesh.

Venox20082790d ago

good game 8,7/10 finished it some days ago