TSG Gamer Girl of May: Carley "Aurora_X" Lee-Lampshire

Hey L3arners,

Welcome back to our Gamer Girl of the Month feature! Each month we have a gamer girl, who has proven herself a worthy competitor, interviewed by The Sony Geniuses.

In April we featured Amped, an extraordinary gamer girl who had already boldly stepped out into the public eye on several occasions. This month we will contrast with a gamer girl who although locally recognized for her performance in tournaments, remains relatively hidden in the proverbial closet. Aurora_X usually keeps her video game skills sharp behind the scenes, but feeling that gamer girls need more public representation, stepped out to join TSG in our new monthly feature, TSG Gamer Girl of the Month.

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xtremeimport2667d ago

perhaps a perfect girl.

then again, there is more to it than just a girl who would allow you to game/game with you.

she is very pretty!

TastyTreats2667d ago

Nice. Keep bringin in more gamer girls.

JoeIsMad2667d ago

But the question is: How good is she at FPS?

Grave2667d ago

Theres no way shes Trans-gender. Really?

soundslike2667d ago



Grave2667d ago

Lolz ya I know. My friend said this when he was looking at my laptop. Had to post.

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