Sexy new Beetles for sexy new games: Why EA needs to make Beetle Adventure Racing a second time

Gamer's Guide to, Wednesday 27th April 2011: Get ready for more Slug-Bug dead arms - Global car shows and hilarious Super Bowl commercials tell us there's a new Volkswagen Beetle on the horizon, and GGTL writer Andrew Testerman discusses why that makes it a perfect time to resurrect the Beetle Adventure Racing series from EA's dusty archives for the Wii or Kinect.

GGTL: "It’s been a good twelve years since Beetle Adventure Racing! graced the shores of the N64, but a good franchise never truly dies, and EA would do well to capitalize on the hype surrounding the new Beetle and release another entry in the Adventure Racing! series. Volkswagen would get brand awareness, EA would get game sales, and gamers would get a quality title. Everybody wins."

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Blad3star2640d ago

I guess no one here watches Top Gear - To drive a Beetle on the show is like riding a donkey.

ugabugaz2640d ago

Now now, I'm sorry but there is only one car that should be referred to as The Donkey when it comes to Top Gear. That car is Oliver. Swim little donkey!

AAACE52640d ago

Beetle Adventure Racing was a fun game!

Pin-Pin-Ire2641d ago

I have always dreamed of owning a VW Beetle. This would be the next best thing.

Bob5702640d ago

You don't really know anything about cars... do you?

Pin-Pin-Ire2640d ago

I don't, but ever since I saw the original herbie movies, I have wanted one xD

2fk2640d ago

what i loved beetle adventure brothers and i used to play this all the time a long time ago....good times =)

BeAGamer2640d ago

f'ing loved that game!
memories - damn how time flies

Munky_VIII2640d ago

Same, along with Top Gear Overdrive and Roadsters :P

i_da_pappy2640d ago

N64 classic! don't know why but i loved that game

SeraphimBlade2640d ago

I thought I was the only one who played that. It's my favorite product placement video game next to Alan Wake! ZING!

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