Wrex Confirmed for Mass Effect 3 by Accident?

In listening to the Mass Effect 3 podcast, a question was asked: "What’s Bioware doing for combat?" The most interesting part of the response?
"We saw Shepard fighting with Liara, Urdn- uh, Garrus".

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limewax2551d ago

LOLS for that, Its strange a game with great dialogue can create such hilarious traps for itself

Bigpappy2551d ago

I missed REX. Did't care for the clone in ME2.

PS360WII2551d ago

He's busy leading the Krogans. He might be playable during the mission to help solve the genophage problem to get whoever to help fight the Reapers...

maniacmayhem2551d ago

Hell to the muth$%^$ YEA!

My Wrex survived so ill see him in 3!

MrBeatdown2551d ago

Couldn't this just be Grunt since he also in the Urdnot clan?

lzim2551d ago

he's getting his own spin-off

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