Crysis 2 Alien Invasion - How They did It

"Remember that marketing video EA released back around the launch of Crysis 2? Yeah, you know the one... the one where they tried to look so underground and rebelious with playing the game on the walls of different cities. Yeah, that trailer! Well, the madness hasn't ended there. EA is now showing how they were able to pull of such a feat with their new "Making of" version of the Alien Invasion trailer."

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BeastlyRig2636d ago

This is exactly how I thought crysis 2 would look! But meh it's the stuff on the big screen & not the real people..

Soldierone2636d ago

Why do you get kicked out for projecting a game screen onto a wall? Its not like its harming anyone...if it was drawing in MASSIVE crowds to look at it then fine you have an argument...but i didnt see any MASSIVE crowds until they put it up on the wall for the last segment, and thats the only one where they were not getting chased away.