Amazon Clearance Games List Has Been Updated

Over 50 games, more than half off. Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS all on sale. Collector's editions and peripheral pack-ins are also on this list. Check it out, if you're looking to save some money on old games.

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ritedere2397d ago

I appreciate posts like this. I just got that Power Gig for $120. Awesome.

coryok2397d ago

yea i like them too, good to know about good deals on games

Solid_Snake-2397d ago

arcania gothic 4 is well worth the purchase.

very deep rpg.

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BoNeSaW232397d ago

Hmmmm $15 bucks i might check out MK vs DC while I wait for Ultimate MK9.

eggbert2397d ago

it was $8 last week, should have picked it up then.

BoNeSaW232397d ago

$8!!! Dammit!
I'm always the last to know about killer sales! Now $15 doesn't feel like a steal anymore, thanks dude! :)

It is still worth it right?

eggbert2397d ago

I've heard the game isn't that great. The fighting is gimmicky ala the PS2/xbox/gamecube era MK's.

I'd just go for the newest MK, as that seems to be getting universal praise. Have fun getting 4 v 1'd in the challenge rooms!

Aloren2397d ago

I think it's still worth it. If you like MK, you'll enjoy it. It may not be as bloody as MK9, but it's still nice.

limewax2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Honestly, if you are an MK fan, you dont want MK vs DC, even if you would still rather wait for MK9, its worth the whole $60 right now anyway. Its a true masterpiece and a tribute to the people who helped MK 1, 2, and 3 so succesfull

MK vs DC reeks of the days that MK would rather forget

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Soldierone2397d ago

Its worth 10 dollars no doubt. But it isn't that good, to a point i wouldnt buy it again. I have it and dont bother touching it. Load times are painful, character selection sucks, and its 3D fighting, which made MK suck after Armageddon.

Honestly, save your money and buy the new one. It has to be one of the greatest games I have played in a long while.

Rybakov2397d ago

0-0 3d dot games heroes 13 bucks how long dose this sale last???

eggbert2397d ago

The game is pretty fun, but I found it too get repetitive later on in the game. It is also fairly difficult, which is fun, but can be frustrating.

An example of this would be the bosses. If you have full health, you do more damage. Even with the damage boost, some of the bosses will literally take 50+ blows from your sword before they die.

The game has a very long length as far as modern games go. It's a real throwback to Zelda what with the bombs, boomerangs, arrows, etc. Pretty much if you liked the old Zelda's, you'll like this game. If your more into FPS's such as COD or BF, you probably won't enjoy the game too much.


There was an octopus boss in the water temple that took me half an hour to kill with the weakened sword. It took so long because you can only get one hit off at a time before he dips back into the water


Rybakov2397d ago

hey i loved the game but i moved and have no clue what happened to it

anything that is a throw back to old school zelda with the music of old Final fantasy is amazing the icing on the cake was it was made by the devs who made demon souls

Platinum_k2397d ago

MASS EFFECT 2 (PS3) is still $59.99 futureshop and bestbuy!!!

GRRRRRR! Anyone know any good deals for this game???

f7897902396d ago

You'll have to wait for Mass Effect 3 to come out.

goukijones2396d ago

$52.09 on Amazon bro. If you've never played ME2, you will get your monies worth.

ThanatosDMC2396d ago

If you share your PSN, get it from PSN. Have the other people pay for some of it too. Hmmm... when it's back up anyway.

Platinum_k2396d ago

thnx fellas! but its still not the same as a half price sale such as 39.99 or 29.99... guess ill just have to wait it out >.<

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