5 Reasons Why Video Games Might Save the World

GameDynamo - "When I look outside my bedroom window at the clear skies and snow-topped mountains, only one thing comes to mind: the end must be near. Oprah is cancelling her show, it’s almost 2012, my dog gets along with cats and even likes the mail man... Oh yeah, we’re screwed! I don’t know what form our impending annihilation will take: nuclear fallout, zombie attack... take your pick, but the writing is on the wall. But wait, what is that I see on the horizon? Woah! It’s Bill Gates and he brings us five reasons why it will all be okay!"

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The Matrix2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I think the most educational game ever is Fallout 3. There's everyone's future in 15-20 years.

rabidpancakeburglar2788d ago

Everyone will be wearing pip boys and living in vaults to protect from irradiated animals and raiders?

The Matrix2788d ago

Yup. And rescuing antique violins for old ladies.

spartan_dx2788d ago

One thing games theses days have been doing is making easier for someone to pull the trigger. Specifically the younger generation they grow go to war it'll be easier to take shoot someone since they've already been doing it in COD.
-They're preparing us for war man!

elite-shot2788d ago

Zombie Apocalypse: the gamers wet dream.