Premier Rat Race Trailer

Super-Ego Games say their "mission is to create a new generation of character-driven interactive entertainment products for game consoles, television, and the web. While we are passionate about playing today's best games, we also feel that we can do more with our medium – and that players want more. Our games combine nuanced character development and compelling storylines with the traditional action elements that make video games so addictive. Super-Ego is currently developing an innovative, high-profile console title".

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ATLRoAcH4074d ago

I was wanting to see a video of this.

ngg123454074d ago

It looks like a budget sims title.

Venom_Blood4074d ago

what kind of lame game is this?

TheHater4074d ago

This game look really stupid but fun. well it look like I am getting this when it come out

solidt124074d ago

No really it looks like a goofy but fun game. Im sure I will download at least the first episode and try it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.