Uncharted 3 DLC Selling at an Outrageous Price

Dualshock Nexus: At PAX East 2011 there were a limited amount of DLC codes distributed for an exclusive character skin in Uncharted 3. Take a look at the listing and the price asked for this DLC below.

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HeavenlySnipes2785d ago

redeem it now because the game isn't out yet. I have a InFamous 2 code for a power sitting around.

crxss2785d ago

I really wish ND would tell us what this DLC was for and if it was hard to get in the game. They gave out Navarro codes for Uncharted 2 but he eventually came out as a DLC character a few months after the game released. $100+ bucks for an unknown...? Doesn't seem worth it.

tmoss7262785d ago

I'm sorry, but did you even read?

"At PAX East 2011 there were a limited amount of DLC codes distributed for an exclusive CHARACTER SKIN in Uncharted 3."

Trebius2785d ago

Reading is overrated TMoss, people nowadays would rather just jump to conclusions.

crxss2785d ago


I read it, did you? I mean unless I missed what skin it was of, do you know?

sourav932785d ago

Haha when I skimmed through the article I thought I read that the character skin was of Benjamin Franklin. But that was basically the price. Silly me :p

HardCover2785d ago

tmoss, that still doesn't make the DLC character a "known".

"$100+ bucks for an unknown...? Doesn't seem worth it."

That is the correct opinion here. Don't know what character. Don't know the public availability once the game launches. Don't know anything.

Not worth it.

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catguykyou2785d ago

I have two of these. One my wife grabbed and one I have. ....

WetN00dle692785d ago

Who is the exclusive character?

catguykyou2781d ago

It literally says mystery Skin on the card. I have one for a mystery skin character and mystery skin for a weapon.

Solid_Snake-2785d ago

there is no price on something that someone wants. it isnt over priced because we are not forced to buy it.

if someone has something as exclusive as this then they deserve the price. not many people make it to PAX and would love to own something like this.

i own stuff from games conventions that i wouldnt sell at all. i.e a photo of me and mike tyson in the EA booth.

Danniel12785d ago

Why would anyone buy a photo of you and Mike Tyson?

Colmshan19902785d ago

If it was a REALLY good picture, maybe Mike Tyson?

SeraphimBlade2785d ago

Crap, I'm trying to think of a good Drake or Sulley quote for this. I'll be back when I do!

GamerSciz2785d ago

Perhaps this is as crazy as "You took a hooker to church?"

nolifeking2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Drake: "You couldn't find you ass with both hands."
Sully: "and a map."

Two for one. YAY!

DrWan2785d ago

Everything I touch turns to shit. (including the i kid :)

Dee_912785d ago

u think this is crazy u should see gt5 dlc on ebay
they r even selling standard cars

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Lamarthedancer2785d ago

Wouldn't you just buy the limited/collectors or if they do retail fortune hunters edition because they will obviously have DLC codes in it.

Treezy5042785d ago

Yep! I hope they have an awesome collector's edition for Uncharted 3.

Lamarthedancer2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

They better....remember U2, Golden Guns ¬¬

Then they had the amazing fortune hunters edition which you could only win and the funny thing about that people would of bought that thing straight away if it was retail.

Halo Reach got limited and legendary edition
Gears of War 3 are getting limited and Epic edition
I think Uncharted should have limited and "Fortune hunter" edition

My dream fortune hunters edition would be, Drakes diary, Spanish Gold coin from Drakes fortune, Sir francis drakes diary, Drakes ring, DLC codes for sinks/unlocks and what ever else maybe a statue of Drake and Elena while fiering their pistols or something U3 related.

Treezy5042785d ago

@Robsonmonkey All of that is great collector's edition content, but one thing that will make it complete is a wearable replica of Sully's mustache. :)

Dark_king2785d ago

Hell yea Treezy504 that would complete the package perfectly.

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