PlayStation Network Fiasco: Sony CEO Stringer's Head Must Roll

IndustryGamers: This PSN shutdown is not cause for the termination of Howard Stringer or SCEA head Jack Tretton, but it could be viewed as the last straw for investors. Tretton can be given a pass for now as he was part of the team behind PS2’s monstrous success in the last decade. Stringer, on the other hand, has overseen a number of failures across most divisions of Sony.

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doctorstrange2401d ago

And he is credited for keeping Sony - a premium, luxury electronics company - afloat during a huge recession. At the beginning of this year, Sony was on the right track. The japanese disaster, and this hack - neither of which can be blamed on Stringer - have weakened the company, not Stringer.

socomnick2401d ago

Blaming stringer for this seems like a bit excessive.

Wouldn't the blame fall upon Jack Trenton, he is in charge of that subsection of Sony.

ComboBreaker2401d ago

Anti-Sony media's head must roll.
Stringer will have no choice but to exterminate all PS3 haters.

zoks3102400d ago

I like your version better, short, to the point and correct. Bubs my friend.

Charazani2400d ago

Sony is only worth $30 billion. For such a huge company; someone high up is making bad decisions.

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SilverSlug2401d ago

No. You think he knows anything about security? He hired a team so secure PSN. He won't be fired, the team he hired will be fired and replace.

That is like me making an article about Obama not being elected President next term because there is a pot hole in my road that is a safety concern.

n4gisatroll2401d ago

I don't think Obama will get elected next term. He hasn't done much.

SilverSlug2401d ago

Neither do I, just used it as an example. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.