A Cautious New World: AVG’s Chief Research Officer Talks Sony and The Inevitability of More Attacks

A week ago, the PlayStation Network was brought down after an unknown hacker, or group of hackers, managed to circumvent the PlayStation Network’s security and steal over 70 million member’s account information, possibly including their credit card data. To find out how you should ensure you are safe, whether Sony are still a target and if they can secure the network in just 2 weeks, PlayStation LifeStyle talked to Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer for the leading anti-virus and Internet security software company AVG in part one of a wide ranging interview.

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doctorstrange2669d ago

The reality is, the internet is a flawed structure, and anything can get hacked. It's up to us to be safe and prepare for the worst.

SuperKing2668d ago

Are you the interviewer then? If so, hats of to you. Alot of useful information you guys talked about.

doctorstrange2668d ago

Thanks! Yeah I really enjoyed the interview (not typing it up tho), he's a great guy and far more open and honest than most interviewees. Part 2 delves more into the dangers of cloud + how Sony could stop future probs by paying hackers.

Sev2669d ago

Agreed, really interesting read.

andron6662668d ago

Yep, one of the few PSN outage articles that really had some interesting to say. Based on facts and real journalism...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

''I have no criticisms of Sony for getting hacked – it sucks, anybody can get hacked.''

Probably the people in denial will finally open their eyes.

MisterAV2668d ago

good interview but not the right person...

do you know that AVG with an update removed system files (user32.dll) from windows? pc became unbootable...

2 times!!

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BigWoopMagazine2669d ago

Wow, I never heard that Swiss cheese analogy before, but damn that makes sense. I also think he's right that it'd be incredible to rebuild the whole network in two weeks. I'm going to go with him that it's some band aids, or an extraordinary amount of man hours, crammed in a small time frame.

doctorstrange2669d ago

Swiss cheese. Yeah, I really think Sony should allow more "layers", including anti-virus software and 3rd party protection solutions.

T3mpr1x2669d ago

Anti-virus or any sort of bloatware is the last thing I want to see on my gaming console...

gamingdroid2668d ago

LOL, getting a virus on your console is notoriously difficult for a variety of reasons, so I doubt you will see any anti-virus bloatware on it.

However, keep enjoying those phising scams as they won't go away any time soon.

It's funny, but security in itself makes you less productive. The more security, the more LESS productive you are!!!

gamingdroid2668d ago

That is what I have been saying all along, you separate each layer and give each layer the privileges it needs to do it's task only.

Once a breach happens you only get access to that layer, and the process have to start partly over.

That said, you can't rebuild a network in two weeks even with vast resources. It has to be something designed, planned, created, tested (with a team of white hats to do penetration testing) and deployed unless you fail in testing, which case you go back patch it up and re-do some or all the tests.

Swiss cheese though is really good....

sycnation2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

and that's been my standard thought standing alongside Sony through this debacle.

people NEED to understand what this means.
There is no "reset" or "system restore" for the PSN. They are on record saying, THEY ARE REWRITING THE WHOLE NETWORK CODE. which as droid above points out is time and resource consuming.

I stand by my thoughts and comments. I know how hard it is to fix a computer and network them after a complete system failure.


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theafroman2668d ago

If more attacks happen they'll be done good. But the brand is in trouble of course.

joeorc2668d ago

"If more attacks happen they'll be done good. But the brand is in trouble of course."

If Sony does get Toaded, which can Happen...Than it happens..the only one out of the Three that supported Open Source OS, that its that..the die is cast.

The point Sony can start over.

Kill off the Playstation line an go into TV's for to put the Playstation Games on. Instead of the game arena they can move it over to the Audio Video area only. that would Leave Nintendo an Microsoft, but that still has Sony with 1ST party developers.

so if their going to Toad sony their going to toad them. Sony can still do other areas for industry. It does not have to do games in the game console industry. They can do games in other areas Mobile smartphones an Android, I would not really worry about it.

Prototype2668d ago

It's a sad world when Antivirus is almost considered for consoles (excluding PC for obvious reasons).

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