Interview: Cliff Bleszinski Talks Prequels, Lil Wayne, And The "Halo" Crossover That Almost Was

Kevin L Clark: "With the Gears 3 multiplayer beta going on now—at least for those who pre-ordered the game or bought Epic/People Can Fly's Bulletstorm earlier this year—and the title racking up record-breaking pre-order numbers, it was the the perfect time for us to sit down with CB4 (we just made that up) to talk spin-offs, hip-hop, and why Drake isn't gonna be in Gears 3 after all. Oh, and how Master Chief very nearly became a playable character. Yeah, that's right."

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NYC_Gamer2394d ago

real hip hop still exist its just underground

lazertroy2394d ago

Thats my point real hip hop used to mainstream. Todays rap is just POP.

NYC_Gamer2394d ago

^^^true,now its just sellouts on beats with no real type of lyrical content/message.

BigPappaPump2394d ago

Like Nas said, hip hop is dead.

starcb262394d ago

Real Hip-Hop mutated into a mole man and went underground.

Misterhbk2394d ago

Real hip hop is main stream too.

Its called Lupe Fiasco

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cr33ping_death2394d ago

ughh todays "hip pop" is pure BS... the older hip hop told stories...yes about the hood, drugs etc.. but it was interesting to listen to, the beats were better to.. todays crap is nothing more than made up words and..... i make so much money and have this many cars and drink this expensive drink and blah blah blah... i too miss the old hip hop :(

bebojet2394d ago

Like the title of one of Nas' albums. HIP HOP IS DEAD.

Kalowest2394d ago

Lupe Fiasco's last album sucks, but hes still a beast and better than lil(shit)wayne.

lazertroy2394d ago

Im 27 I grew up on biggie,pharcyde,wutang,bonethu gs,tribe called quest,nas etc. Todays music brings a tear to my eye.

Kalowest2393d ago

"biggie,pharcyde,wutang,b onethu gs,tribe called quest,nas etc."

All of them are nasty.
add some Elzhi, Blu, CYNE, and Mos Def.

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2fk2394d ago

interesting....i would actually hate if lil waynes voice was in the game....his voice irritates me

ps3bestever2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I hate cliffyB, he is a little androgyny !!!

Ducky2394d ago

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

HeavenlySnipes2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

How could you hate Turks?

Cookie if anyone gets it :)

thebudgetgamer2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

without looking at the link, is it a scrubs reference?

edit: nope.

gamingdroid2394d ago


I would have loved to have Master Chief in Gears of War 3. You would probably stand out more of a target due to the colors, but imagine the awesomeness of chainsawing Master Chief!

Make it happen MS!

Rybakov2394d ago

CliffyB speaks and i space out

can they make a REAL unreal tournament like the older ones not the piece of crap they put out and called unreal

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