Marvel Universe: First Details Announced

Gazillion's second Marvel MMO on the way. Heroes named as being in the game thus far include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine and Nova.

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ghostface2790d ago

(also revealed that, like SHSO, Marvel Universe players will be playing as well-known heroes and not as heroes of their own creation) That remark right there already makes This a fail in my eyes.

Scyrus2790d ago

this is completely true, how can it be an mmo if there are 50 spidermans runnin around.....actually thousands.

ontop of that its called marvel universe lmao, dc universe name rip hahaa

sux cuz i like marvel more but this game fails.

SOE knows how to make good mmo's

silvacrest2790d ago

yes, this pretty much killed it for me, hundreds of iron mans and wolverines running around? no thanks, on the plus side it is free to play and it is a MMO so changes could always come at any time

Scyrus2790d ago

yeah the F2P might have saved it from insta kill. tho best F2p game to me right now is vindictus.

cant beat a game with fully destructible enviorments and armor, brutal combat that you can use your controller with and has amazing combat and graphics to boot

slavish32790d ago

please be on ps360!!!!!!!!!!!!