Will the PSN Hack Change Your Multi-Platform Purchasing Habits?

Loot Ninja writes:

"While we’re still dealing with finding out all the facts and hammering out the specifics on fixes and repercussions from the major hacking of the PlayStation Network, one thing is clear: customer confidence in Sony and the PlayStation brand has taken a massive hit. So much so that some developers are even running surveys to ask gamers if they should cancel PSN titles currently in development. Your credit card data is potentially up for sale. The sh*t has hit the proverbial fan. [...] Keeping in mind everything that’s gone down in the past two weeks, which system is going to be your go-to box in the future?"

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BiggCMan2341d ago

Same here. I own a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Wii, and have always bought multiplatforms on PS3. I use the others for exclusives only.

ghostface2341d ago

As long as it remains free that's where I will do my online gaming.

Merivigian2341d ago

Don't you have to have online first, in order to do online gaming?

nolifeking2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

So you think PSN will be down forever

I thinks not.

Cajun Chicken2341d ago

No and they'll probably be back after a few of us report how robust the system is again, that is unless they don't want to play Uncharted 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.