PSN hysteria "a lot of wind and p**s"

Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray has described the hysteria surrounding the PlayStation Network hack as "a lot of wind and p**s".

The Gravity Crash developer slammed the press reaction to the security breach, which has seen some 77 million PSN accounts compromised.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

they blow every tiny thing out of proportion.

I agree that probably noone will have their credit card info stolen, and many news sites may be overreacting.

The one thing i really dont agree with this guy, and many others on, is this type of flawed reasoning:

He says "But when you look at things like for example, which had 1.4 million details ripped last year, you're one in 1.4 million. There's a much higher chance of your stuff being used from Play than there is of your stuff being used from the PlayStation hack."

Sorry guy, Ive never used so it is still more likely that my stuff is being used from PSN then it would be from

Really Mr. PSN dev, Id say that you and many of the PSN users, your customers, should be more concerned about what happens with PSN as we are all users of this service, not some other service that get brought up just to make us feel batter about the one we actually use.

So please everyone. Wether your a gamer, a developer, or a game "journalist," don't bother bringing up other things that got hacked in the past when talking about the PSN being hacked. Chances are many of us care far more about the service that we ALL ACTUALLY USE having a possible security breach in the PRESENT, then a service that almost all of us DON'T USE getting hacked in the PAST.

edit-- ohhh look, a disagree already. I guess someone thinks that I should actually be more concerned that a service I have never used got hacked a year ago, compared to one I actually do use getting hacked last week.

WildArmed2636d ago

I blame our amateur journalist and Sony equally.
The former like to make stuff up from their 'anon resources'
while the latter, likes to keep us in the dark about EVERYTHING.

Either way, I need my PSN back up after my finals next week.
I'm counting on Sony to be back up and running than ever before :D

MAiKU2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

You don't expect that out of gaming news, you expect that out of gaming fanboys.

How many times has the news clearly stated from official sources that our credit card info has been encrypted and that our CVC or card code was never obtained in the first place? And how many third party wannabe websites dominated by hysterical fanboys say otherwise?

Solidus187-SCMilk2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

all sites now a days, from the most reputable gaming community, to the least reputable blog use BS sensationalist stories and headlines to get hits.

Think of all the doom or victory articles made out of nothing. think of all the developer quotes that are taken out of context. Think of all the stories pitting "this" against "that" even if it is pointless.

The gaming news sites dont have to be fanboys in order to pit them against each other to gain hits. The one thing fanboys and non fanboy sites agree on is getting hits in order to get money.

edit-- really? you dont remember that IGN article where all the writers except one were sounding like sony had just molested their children? Im not saying that they are instilling hysteria, just writing pointless articles nonstop from every perspective possible in order to maximize their hits.

MAiKU2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I don't see any of the major sites taking much of a side here, nor did i read anything from them that instilled hysteria for hits.

true that some of their writers may take a side on some articles, but i haven't read anything that goes into the extreme that fanboy driven sites do.

gamingdroid2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

What bothers me actually, is everyone is worried about the credit card information, but that is a short term problem.

Now probably only a fraction of the people on PSN has a card registered and if the data was encrypted properly you should be fine. If you are not, notify your credit card company. Sure some hassle will come of this, but no monetary or long term damage to you.

However, your birth date is sometimes used to verify accounts. That information can't be changed, and follows you obviously for life. So five years from now, scammers can still use that data to do identity theft.

Mr PS32636d ago

" a lot of Wind and P*ss " !!
I thought the saying went
" a lot of P*ss and Wind "
Either way dont P*ss in the Wind

upturned22636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

You mean Puss? Don't Puss in the Wind?


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pupa2636d ago

You alway get "P!ss in the wind" trolls like Saftara, its got something to do with the very serious condition a small brain capacity and big [email protected]

Anyway, I agree with the article, only the third logical one I read on NG4 apart from Sony's Faq's in so many days.

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