Will Hollywood Actors Outshine Established Voice Talent?

VGW: As games continue to prove themselves as the future of entertainment, and as Hollywood actors step into larger roles in groundbreaking games, more of their fellows are seeing what a lucrative proposition this is. And why not? Voice work is, undeniably, shorter, easier work than shooting a live-action movie (hours in a sound booth as opposed to months on location), and as major talent your only job is to show up and be, well, you. Take for instance, Mass Effect 2 and Martin Sheen. Truly, I can think of few better actors for such a role. Sheen’s voice holds within it the weight, seriousness and haughty demeanor necessary for the Illusive Man. But therein lies my bone of contention: that’s just Martin Sheen in general. If you watch him in Apocalypse Now, Wallstreet, or The West Wing, he sounds the exact same. He did not need to become the Illusive Man, rather the Illusive Man needed to be Martin Sheen.

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NamelessTed2639d ago

As the article mentions, I think that there are some Hollywood actors that have done a great job in games. Tricia Helfer is great and I think she fits into the video game world quite well.

After all is said and done I think its good to see that acting in video games in general has greatly improved over the past 5 years. It wasn't too long ago that have any voices in a game was rare and special and those games got away with some pretty terrible voice acting.

Now there are some high standards set. Some games do a great job without the big hollywood names (Arkham Asylum) others will do just as well with all the hollywood actors (L.A. Noire). Publishers will always use a big name to sell a game but I think the art of voice acting in the video game world is still young and we are already seeing people that are known for their voice talent and I think we will see more of that over the years.

jony_dols2639d ago

Hollywood actors & established VG actors can co-exist perfectly.

Just look at how well Nolan North, has fleshed out the character of Nathan Drake. The Uncharted series just wouldn't be the same without him, and the same goes for the casts of RDR & Mass Effect.

And then you look at the Hollywood casting in games such as Portal 2. J.K Simmon's & Stephen Merchant practically became overnight legends in the gaming world (and rightfully so) for their lending of their vocal talents.
And then everyone fondly remembers Ray Liotta's Tommy Vercetti in Vice City & Samuel Jackson's Officer Tenpenny in San Andreas.

Betsheda and Rockstar always successfully mix Hollywood superstars such as Liam Neeson & Sean Bean, along side dedicated VG vocal actors.

Merivigian2639d ago

At the end of the day, I don't think it matters. As long as there is talent being brought to the table by the voice actors, they won't be out shown.

Nac2639d ago

Actors are actors.

Honestly though, I want to see Daniel Day-Lewis in something.

Merivigian2639d ago

Now that I think about it, he is very talented, and I wouldn't mind seeing him get some work in a game. He has a lot of character in him.

Miths2639d ago

As long as they do a good job I really don't care much if they are movie stars, popular TV actors or "only" voice actors.
Mass Effect 2 had a pretty spectacular combination of all three groups (and Jennifer Hale - "only" voice actress - remains my favourite).

madjedi2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I think more regular hollywood actors, will start to view voice over acting as a serious business, as for hollywood actors outshining established voice talent i don't think so. Alot of voice actors have been doing this for yrs, and have a ton of experience, i think certain actors will be able to really bring unique characters to life, like will ferral as megamind.

The major tv/movie actors will probably be facing a hefty paycut venturing into voice over work vs what they are used to, and while certain voices unique, i'd rather the developers get a good but relatively inexpensive vo artist, than pay a famous actor too much money and have lower production values because of it thx for the interesting article.

And yeah most of the times if your familiar with his voice you can, tell it's steve blum, although that's kinda the same with alot of vo artists, although i couldn't even tell nolan north was in a rachet and clank game till the credits rolled so that isn't always the case.

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