Dragon Quest X releasing next year

Koichi Sugiyama composers shares update about the much-anticipated Dragon Quest X.

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Nugan2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I imagine that it will be released late this year or early next year.

If they don't get it out by the first or second quarter of next year it might get overlooked in the hype for Nintendo's new console.

(Well, in the US, anyway. They could release it in 2014 and Japan would still buy millions of copies.)

CaulkSlap2788d ago

On the Wii? What a shame.

Stealth20k2788d ago

if anything that fact is whats going to make this great

tweet752788d ago

would love to see it move the new nintendo console next year and be a AAA debut title

Theyellowflash302788d ago

Maybe they can move it to the Wii 2 you never know. Wii 2 will be backwards compatible so people can upgrade and still play it. I remember when the PS3 came out the PS2 still got GOW 2 in 2007. People just bought and played it on their PS3's it was still awesome.