The Family Gamer: What Parents Want

Bearing in mind the recent revolution in family DVD's, suggests that the following factors should be considered for a new breed of computer game experience on all consoles:

* Instant on: Putting the disk in the system should load the game with no further interaction required and a minimum of delay.

* Instant start: Once loaded the game should automatically start without further button presses or confirmation, ready for the player to start interacting.

* Constant saving: Progress should be saved frequently and automatically without confirmation menus that need button presses. The save should automatically be loaded the next time the game is played.

* Easy restart: At the end of the game, you should be able to restart easily with a minimum of button presses and no involved menu choices.

* Controls: There should be no show stopper buttons on the controller that will stop the game or turn off the console. This could include disabling the power button on the Wii-mote or Sixaxis.

* Parent-child play: The game should enable parents and children to play together, particularly teaming up for certain tasks.

* Developmental localization: Again a content suggestion; games should hook into other developmental aspects of children's life. This would involve being aware of the sort of reading education received in a territory (phonics) and localizing the game to make use of this approach to communication.

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Zhuk4079d ago

kids should play games like FF7, Chrono Trigger, KOTOR, Mechwarrior 2 and Nights not this pokemon sh!t