Hulu Goes Live on Xbox 360

GYGG: "The Xbox 360 has reign king these last few months with a shockingly consistent increase in sales. If Microsoft ever had a golden egg this would be it. A gaming system that’s competitive in price and offers competitive gaming. One of the most well sought out feature from the Xbox 360 is Xbox Live, as it adds the ability to play online with friends among other great features. The latest of those great features would be Hulu Plus; released today."

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-MoOkS-2670d ago

Fanstastic work Microsoft. Yet another feature to stregthen the 360's reign as the leader this generation

aviator1892670d ago

Sure, it's a great feature, but it's not going to a carve 360 as the "leader of this generation." If there really is a leader, it's still Nintendo. Maybe not in terms of raw power or features, but in terms of sales and innovation, it's Nintendo despite the wii's slow decline.

newn4gguy2670d ago

How is the 360 a leader?

The PS3 has VUDU, Qriocity, 5 video editing software suites, full 1080p Netflix support, Home, Dynamic themes, support for more video and audio codecs, custom harddrive space with a 2.5" SATA laptop harddrive, and better exclusives across more genres.

We are, sadly, without cross game chat though. I wish there was a way for me to communicate with people worldwide no matter what I do on my system though.


SixZeroFour2670d ago

just wondering on one thing, it was about your comparison of cross game chat with using a cell do i get around the long distance charges?

newn4gguy2670d ago

Modern cellphone plans are phenomenal.

newn4gguy2670d ago


The PS3 has had Hulu for months.

ChickeyCantor2670d ago

mini pc > hdmi out > wireless keyboard and mouse == hulu + the universe.

Why the hell would you do it trough a 360?