IGN - Gears of War 3: Shotgun Montage

Just how powerful are the shotguns in Gears of War 3? Take a look.

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MGRogue20172784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Well, It's more powerful than the lancer, that's for sure.

Especially at close range, unless of course, you use the chainsaw bayonet on the lancer which gives you an instant kill every time.. well not everytime 'cause someone else might be trying to chainsaw you at the same time so you'll have to play that annoying "tapping A" mini-game.. but well, you know what I mean..

The Matrix2784d ago

90% of my kills in Gears games come from el gnasher.

theonlylolking2784d ago

One of the best MP of the year will be GeOW3.

Oldman1002784d ago

I wonder how fun the gears series would be without the gore. I'm surprised by the lack of gore in most games. Other than the gears series brothers in arms hells highway is the only other game i know of that has awesome gore. More gore in games please!

Jack-Pyro2784d ago

I don't disagree with you...but I never saw the appeal of gore in games, I mean yeah, it makes it slightly more realistic, but to be honest...I find it more disgusting than awesome....maybe it's just not for me.

If the masses demand it though, let there be gore.