SquareEnix Announces Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition

For those who were thinking about joining the online ranks when Final Fantasy XI first came out, may have another chance with this Abyssea Edition that includes all the released expansions from Rise of the Zilart to the recently released Wings of the Goddess.

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Drab2788d ago

Good luck leveling from 1-75 lol no one parties anymore that lv its abyssea only.

PS360WII2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The expansions really did kill off the any sort of help for newbies :(

Started with the very first one >< though even before that people got tunnel vision on where to level... stupid dunes -.-

DistrictMime2788d ago

I got tired of waiting for parties. I only got to lvl 30 and quit. Rather play WoW with their easy PUGs

PS360WII2788d ago

That's why XIV has a little more help on the solo front.

Trying to exp as a Bard without anyone else was a futile project. I was only 9k from Ballad II (sigh)

Dno2788d ago

yea i no cause they completely doubled the xp from mobs outside of abyssea and added level sync and those books where they almost give u free xp... wow sooo hard....

JAMurida2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I heard that Abyssea add on pretty much killed the need to do any of the previous end game stuff (Nyzlue Asle, Campaign, Ejnihar (spelling?,lol), Dyna, etc... That was the reason that game had such a GOOD endgame too is having all that stuff to do and now all you do is Abyssea from what I hear now.

Edit: I'm sure increasing the level cap killed those previous endgame events as well.

Dno2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

FF11 is the best NOW then it has ever been by far. i been playing for 6 years btw

DistrictMime2788d ago

I have a couple of friends who are still playing it and I'm kinda jealous of their ongoing commitment to that game. *sigh*

JAMurida2788d ago

Yeah, sucks I gave all my stuff away, (except the EX items of course), and deleted my toon. Even if I could go back I wouldn't. Would feel..... depressing I guess? Maybe that's because all my friends quit the game when I did.

V3rsatile2788d ago

Is this only for the PC version? I'd get it if it was for the 360 as well.