Sony's missteps through the years

Sony is a venerable name in the world of consumer electronics. This is, after all, the company that invented the CD, the Walkman, the Blu-ray Disc, and has made a deep impression on the tech world and mainstream culture.

That's why when Sony screws up--something a company is apt to do every now and again while in business more than half a century--it's notable. Sometimes it's a singular event, other times it's a product with high expectations that ends up being a dud.

The latest mistake, the hacking of PlayStation Network customers' personal data, is a big one, though when put in the context of past events, it may not actually be the worst thing ever to befall Sony.

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hiredhelp2788d ago

ok after replying to 9 or 10 articles. im now starting just like some others getting board of this. you got any questions take it up with sony.
............................. ............................... .

LostDjinn2788d ago

You do realise that cnet is owned by MS right?

hiredhelp2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

yep buddy i do and ign i beleave not far behind them . gamespot are also there too. shame in it these tactics MS has to have.
wait for the disagrees incomming.......
just another day at N4G.

taylork372788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"yep buddy i do and ign i beleave not far behind them . gamespot are also there too. shame in it these tactics MS has to have.
wait for the disagrees incomming.......
just another day at N4G."

I guess your only next step is to get out the tin foil hat.

militant072788d ago

MSNBC is also owned by MS.

yet i dont see them bashing PS3 games but praising them. over that I can watch some ps3 game reviews on 360 with MSNBC videos

undercovrr2788d ago

Show me proof that Cnet is owned my microsoft. To my knowledge, they are owned by CBS. You are just rehashing what you heard without checking out the facts.

Istanbull2788d ago

LMAO now the PS3 hack is Sony's mistake? WTF?! Keep hating on Sony, your hate will make them stronger!

You will shut your mouths once again when Uncharted 3 will take GOTY and when PS3 hits 199$ and sells like hot cakes, it will be like: wow PS3 is so good bla bla bla

LostDjinn2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Hired, it is another day at N4G.
I have however named the wrong website. :/
Sorry but I was thinking of another site.

MS own so many. Oh well. I can't remove it and I can't edit it now.

Edit: Good God!! Look at the comments. That's some of the most irrational hatred I've ever seen.

Edit 2: Dude above me...You're the other end of the spectrum.

MaxXAttaxX2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

How about we recap the many times CNET has made an article bashing Sony/PS3 and or shown clear bias toward Microsoft/Xbox.

I'm not one to claim conspiracy on everything. But I kid you not! Type search anything CNET and PS3 or Sony related and you'll see. Even articles with a positive tone have a big pessimistic "BUT" somewhere in there.

Sometimes I wonder if they're just ignorant when it comes to gaming....

Peaceful_Jelly2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

CBS bought CNET in 2008. And the truth is that CNET have a clear bias toward Apple.

hiredhelp2788d ago

LostDjinn . think we started a chain reaction. lol

ok for thoes of you who dont know microsft may not own some sites that mnay beleave is true. but what they do. is wink wink nudge nudge im throwing a party come on over you fancy reviewing some of the new games. heres a few $,s £,s

taylork372788d ago

"but what they do. is wink wink nudge nudge im throwing a party come on over you fancy reviewing some of the new games. heres a few $,s £,s"


miyamoto2788d ago

American Media Masters of Backlashing!
Backlashing every Entertainment Phenomenon is US soil specially foreign acts!

1950s = American media backlashed on Elvis Presley

1960s = American media backlashed on The Beatles

1980s = America media backlashed on The Bee Gees

1990s = American media backlashed on Nirvana & grunge music

2000s = American Gaming media backlashed on The PlayStation

What kind of people are these media nuts?

These rock gods and the PlayStation ate America up before America can eat them! Did see it coming!

Rock On PlayStation! Rock and Roll!

taylork372788d ago


The people on this site are sad.

Your comparison between musical artists who performed never before seen, socially risky and ground breaking music to a very popular game console company that clearly messed up is very frightening.

Not to mention that Nintendo was a phenomenon before Playstation even started.

You guys need to take a look at how completely ridiculous your comments are.

X2787d ago

Is it sad and ridiculous? Look at what has happened to gaming over the last 30 years.

Gaming has gone from a novelty, to a "child's toy", to a multi million/billion dollar industry. A industry that today rivals the music and movie industries for a slice of the entertainment pie.

Just like music and movies before it, gaming has come under scrutiny for pushing the bar. To think that by now such parallels can't be drawn by this time is ludicrous.

taylork372787d ago (Edited 2787d ago ) music to video games...great comparison.

But, don't compare those bands and the unnecessary backlash to Sony and the clearly warranted backlash that they received for messing up. That's ridiculous.

X2787d ago

Oh, by no means am I comparing the backlash to the bands to the backlash to Sony. However, the gaming industry in general has experienced similar unfounded backlashes like music and movies have. That such works will corrupt people. Everything from hip shaking, sacrilege, drug use, violence, and so on.

I've seen many documentaries about how music and movies can give a idea of how a generation was feeling during its times. Who's to say that gaming won't reach this point, if it hasn't already?

I see it like music are grandparents, movies are parents, and gaming are teenagers. Music has been around for ages. Movies while not around as long, have become an established medium to express such feelings. Gaming is at a stage where it has begun to establish its identity, but is not as recognized by society like the other mediums. One day though, gaming will come of age, and can become something just as great to convey such messages, if not already. It's only a matter of if and when.

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chidori6662788d ago

inba generic comments of

*shi* of article,and, this site is owned for MS*


iamnsuperman2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

cnet has never like Sony but valid points none the less

Kleptic2787d ago

sort of agreed...but one thing with this whole PSN outing that is simply funny:

So when Sony goes on stage at E3 and says 'we now have 40,000,000 registered PSN accounts' in 2008, '60 million' in 2009, and 'over 70 million' in 2010...the media back flips it into 'well that is because its so easy to make duplicate accounts blah blah blah XBL is better and has more individual users'...

Now...the PSN gets hacked...and all of a sudden those 77 million accounts are ALL individual users...ALL have credit card accounts stored (I have 5 PSN accounts and not one has a stored cc)...All have real individual addresses, accurate email accounts that are used for people's banking, taxes, etc....and ALL of them single handedly represent exactly 1 different person to steal an identity from...

thats awfully convenient...when sony used the 75+ million figure in the past as a positive, it was trashed and declared that sony was simply twisting the truth...but now its ok?...awesome...

RedDead2788d ago

Biggest misstep for me was overhyping certain games with "tech demos" which were really just Cg. I was so hyped for Motorstorm, it was still a good game but can't compare to a Cg trailer obviously.

Focker4202788d ago

*scratches head*

What are you talking about?! What 'tech demo' are you referring to??

MaxXAttaxX2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

By "tech demos" he's probably referring to announcement/teaser trailers. Which some people like to believe Sony claimed as being in-game.

There was nothing in the MotorStorm trailer that didn't happen in the actual game.
So I don't know what he's whining about.

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NBT912788d ago

No one would give less than a crap if we were online and playing our PS3s now, and this hack nonsense never happened, and what does that tell you? It tells you just how insignificant these things are.

All three of the major gaming corporation have screwed up over the course of this gen in one way or another, it got way more complicated with online becoming mandatory and what not.

Honest_gamer2788d ago

online is an addition, it's not mandatory

undercovrr2788d ago

But it is mandatory to stay in competition.

NBT912788d ago

Not for consumers, I meant it is more or less mandatory from a business perspective in this day and age. Sorry I did not make it clearer.

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