Motion Gaming: Fad or Future?

When Nintendo announced the Wii and gamers got their first look at what has become known as motion gaming, the gaming world was fiercely divided. Some thought that motion gaming was nothing more than some passing fad, and Nintendo was about to release their next Virtual Boy. Some thought it was the future of gaming and Nintendo was ahead of the curve. Nintendo’s decision to use motion sensing controllers with so few buttons was to help open their appeal to the casual market. The Wii became a smashing success and it sent the other two console manufacturers scrambling to get a piece of that market. Of course, Nintendo had already experienced amazing success by making a truly spectacular system out of a suspected “gimmick” with the DS.

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JsonHenry2758d ago

Here to stay. But it won't replace controller/KB+M combo. More of an additional form of control than a replacement.

Shok2758d ago


Motion gaming is an option.

Emilio_Estevez2758d ago

I like the cut of your jib sir....

FragGen2758d ago

Well, it's a fad that has turned into an option.

i.e. A fad that had enough merit to stay but will never have the massive boom it did when it first landed on the scene.

Examples: Music games, 1v1 Fighting Games, etc.

Tons of stuff follow this pattern in pop culture (although more fads just completely die out).

ChickeyCantor2758d ago

" but will never have the massive boom it did when it first landed on the scene. "

Are you telling me everyone goes apeshit the moment a new gamepad is announced?

Assassin Nawabi2758d ago

i believe it's here to stay in some shape or form

VampiricDragon_2758d ago

extreme fad

The hardware sells but the software does not and developers really dont support it

Prototype2758d ago

Id rather keep the controllers I grew up with; Motion control at most is an option, not a requirement.

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The story is too old to be commented.