Dragon's Dogma Q & A With Kobayashi Video

Capcom has released a recored video of live with Kobayashi-san, producer on Dragon's Dogma which answering question asked by gamer.

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lzim2669d ago

My question is why not make it high Fantasy as per Q? games. They manage to put high fantasy into almost the same freedom as Western action and RPG games.

I appreciate it for being recognizable, but a cry from the peanut gallery might be that Japanese/Asian high fantasy (monsters and classical myths) aren't possible in a game that is aimed at global appeal (fun to do in this type of game, free roaming player controlled camera RPG) which is why they scaled it down to lesser Western models/standards?

regardless as long as it appeals to western RPG gamers and Asian gamers (including Koreans), then so much the merrier.