5 Good Games You Might Have Missed

Gamertag Radio writes: "It is hard to play all the games that are releasing all the time and sometimes, playing and catching up on older games is not a bad idea at all. Here are 5 games that I can recommend to check out."

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Venox20082761d ago

Spidey & alan wake good games..

I could add:

Sin & punishment 2
No more heroes 2
Fragile dreams

MagicAccent2760d ago

And also:

Metro 2033


NaiNaiNai2760d ago

have Metro 2033 on my pc.

And it is a great game. Rather hard in some spots. :D


Alan wake was not a good game.

Commander_TK2760d ago

Why? Because it's not on PS3?

Venox20082760d ago

@Commander_TK that's a good one .. though I have xbox :)

on topic.. alan wake was a good game, with a good story...but monotonous, stil it's a good SP experience for at least one time

Cenobia2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

I really hated the recent spider-man, and am not sure why it got such high praise and reviews. The story was terrible, the stealth was bad, and most importantly moving around the world was entirely linear and not at all fun.

I would much rather see a game like SM2 or Ultimate SM, where the travelling basically made the game. I would buy that game in a heartbeat if they just improved the story and side missions.

Personally I am not at all interested in the multi-dimensional sequel.

soundslike2760d ago

"why it got such high praise and reviews":
lowered standards.

Case and point: FPS level design. Perfect Dark/Goldeneye scaling objective based difficulty in multi-pathway complexes vs. turkey shoot hurp durp

Xof2760d ago

Releases this generation have been so spartan I haven't missed any good games.

Well, maybe a handful on the DS, but no one really counts handhelds for these lists, so neither should I.

Venox20082760d ago

If talking about DS ... I forgot to mention OKAMIDEN ... such a great game ..don't miss it! :) 9/10

Xof2759d ago

o__O How can people disagree with my post? How is that even possible? Is everyone here a moron?

@Venox: Totally agree. Funny thing is, I don't really think Okamiden was a great game, mostly because the more I played it the less I WANTED to play it. (And the more I wanted to play Okami).

Here's hoping Okamiden does well enough to warrant a nice, HD sequel or PS3 port.

Venox20082759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


At first I thought that Okamiden wasn't very great when I played it.. but when I finished about half of it, only then I realised that it's a very good game, with a great story ... and when I really finished it, I knew that I'll do that again in a future ... :) sure it's not as good as Okami, but still very solid game.. good job, Capcom

TheEatingChampagne2760d ago

I have so many good memories from Alan Wake =] Must be one of the best games I have ever played..
I intend to finish it againnn and againn and againnn until the second one gets released

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antauwnehart2760d ago

Bobby take these games out back and burn them their the devil!

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