Rock Band DLC (Week of May 2nd) - Phish, Stone Temple Pilots, Loverboy, Culture Club, Faith No More

Mat Growcott of One More Castle writes:

'We've got something of a mixed bag this week. From modern jam to 80's cheese, there'll be something for everybody. Another of the leaked tracks are accounted for and that only means a matter of time before more Foo Fighters and The Weight (Live).

In other news, having Culture Club tracks in the game means at some point we may be getting Karma Chameleon. Imagine popping that one out at parties.

Another Vice City song to mark off, as well, which can't be a bad thing.

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SeraphimBlade2787d ago

PSN... you better be up so I can play "Big Bang Baby" on Tuesday.

DarkFantasy2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

rock band that thing still around,i haven't played rock band since i got it waste of money it just sits there collecting dust.

KrystofKage12787d ago

I'm sure all you have time for is to beat one shooter just in time to buy the next shooter.

DarkFantasy2787d ago

I'm sure you know how it is,we all know you got MW3 on Pre-order and every piece of dlc for all the cod games who are trying to kid,you're poor mommy has to buy the same game every year.