People's Gamer: Bloody kombat of the 90′s returns with new Mortal Kombat

People's Gamer writes: "After playing with the girls of Arcana Heart 3 , I felt the need for something different. Grant it AH3 is a great game with solid fighting mechanics and great 2D visuals, but I was in mood for something less pink and colorful and more dark and bloody. I needed to beat something up to a pulp, smash some skulls in and splatter gallons and gallons of my foe’s blood all over the arena floor. I needed over the top action, mixed with a cheesy yet enjoyable story, and some of the most gruesome finishing moves in gaming. I needed something with extreme Kombat that would put characters in Mortal danger from an invading realm. If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m talking about the new reboot, Mortal Kombat by NetherRealm Studios"

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HardcoreGamer2790d ago

GAME IS OFF THE (scorpion's) HOOK
AMAZING FUN AND AWESOME STORY, The way its meant to be done a fighting game.
Each characters is cool. and moves are done instantly creating fast and frenetic battles. thrown in tag and its awesome online.

L6RD7BLU32790d ago

Parents think that "M" on the bottom left is for minors lol.

I_killed_TheMart2790d ago

this game blows, kintaro looks like shit, goro looks like shit, shao kahns voice is horrible, characters are not balanced ..COUGH scorpion COUGH...... ladder doesn't seem to be longer then any of the other difficulty levels, fatalities seem to be the same thing over and over creativity.. like come on, i agree with ign and gamespot... not a AAA title