Palgn Reviews Warhawk -8/10

In this review of Warhawk for the ps3, Palgn gives it a 8/10:

Smooth frame rate, large detailed environments and fiery debris are all noteworthy.

Sound effects are as varied as the weapons and vehicles themselves. The dramatic score also conveys a sense of epic warfare that helps to get the blood pumping.

The choice is yours, take to the skies, fight on foot, drive a tank, mount a turret, snipe, incinerate, mine, grenade or rocket yourself and/or your team to victory. Its immersive, varied and a ton of fun to boot.

There are five core maps that once learned inside out, may start to become tiresome. However the different play modes and promise of fresh downloadable content help give this title legs.

A highly enjoyable game and one that's easily recommended to those who crave competitive play with a good dose of chaos thrown in.

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unrealchris4075d ago

i think everyone knows what warhawk is, it is kinda late for this review

PimpHandHappy4075d ago

then 4 weeks b4 a game is even released.

Its a fair review but sound is one thing he under rated.

EZCheez4075d ago

Please don't approve this guys. Please for once show that we know how N4G is supposed to work.

Bonsai12144075d ago

haha.. i thought the it was given a negative 8 out of 10 based on the title.

DeadIIIRed4075d ago

Only because I can't find anything against the guidelines. Its an old subject, but new review.

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The story is too old to be commented.