PSP Doubles Up 3DS While Dominating Japanese Sales

A PSLS analysis piece on Japan's most recent hardware sales report, which has the PSP selling almost 50,000 systems, more than double the second-place 3DS.

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knifefight2669d ago

Got to see, I love my PSP :)

Currently plowing through this FF4 remake with the sequel bundled in. ~Love~

miyamoto2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

The only problem Sony have with the PSP is it can not keep up with the high demand. That's the reason it gets knocked of number 1 from time to time.

Playing Dino Crisis 2 on my PSP.

What in the world is happening to the 3DS in Japan?

RIP Game Gear
RIP Gameboy Micro
RIP Virtual Boy

Hello NGP!!!

Super Robot Wars Z 2 is the best looking in the series so far!

Frontier Gate from Konami/Tri Ace looks sick! FF Type -O sick!

MaxXAttaxX2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

If it wasn't for software piracy, the PSP would have even more games.
But despite that issue, it's still a pretty great and solid system with multimedia and networking capabilities, plus lots of great games.

(PSP Go aside) The PSP in general has been a success. And that's hard to deny.

I have this model :)

Blaine2669d ago

Crisis Core edition--sexy!

I love my Go. I'm convinced the system could have done really well if Sony'd just supported it a minimum. Do these 2 things, and the Go would fly off the shelves:

1- Encourage devs to offer their entire library for DD (by encourage, I mean FORCE).

2- LOWER THE PRICE. The original phat and slim saw numerous price drops, which spurred sales every time, yet the Go always remained at an unjustifiable price point.

Bonus: 3- Offer more discounted DD games. It's inexcusable for us to have to pay more for a digital version of a game than for a hard copy with case + manual + possible packaged-in extras.

Just a tiny bit of support and the Go would have been extremely successful, I'm sure, because I love mine.

Knushwood Butt2668d ago

Love my Go too.

Still hooked on Tactics Ogre.

rockleex2668d ago

All I ask for is backwards compatibility with the entire PSP DD library.

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Solid_Snake-2669d ago

the psp has 5 different versions. the 3ds has 1 and is a £100 more.

course its gonna be doing better.

i think if we add up all the ds versions v's all psp versions it would be a different story.

just been honest.

sobekflakmonkey2669d ago

Did you actually read the article....?

miyamoto2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Nintendo made its point of bringing as many 3rd Party games at the 3DS launch so they can make profit with out no Mario or Link chomping chunks from their sales .... but I think it could have been better for all if Nintendo's heavy guns were firing up during launch - the 3DS could have made a greater impact & greater numbers.

Anyways, first party titles are on the way just before the NGP transforms and roll out!
Then things will get pretty interesting because Nintendo is dead set for regaining the core gamers the PSP has it grip on!

:P Peace.

mt2668d ago

currently playing 3rd birthday the game is really good i love the gameplay.

pedrami912669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

That's a pretty big jump compared to last week.

But really, Sony will need every single bit of sales for the PSP. They need to sell as much as possible before they release the NGP.

sobekflakmonkey2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Yeah, they really do, gotta get all ready for the NGP release, I myself have two PSP's, love em, been playing Grandia a whole lot since the PSN went down, SO EPICC.

Just realized that I also have two Nintendo DS' as well. Gaming on all fronts :)

RankFTW2669d ago

Every Japanese person must have about 5 PSP's each by now.

Nugan2669d ago


And at least three of each of the previous models of the DS.

I wonder if 3DS sales will pick up around the holidays, or if they are going to have to consider a price cut. Who knows.

mathsman2669d ago

And Go's dead? Cross-purposes or what?!

mrv3212669d ago

Someone made an excellent point, Sony are still selling PS2's right? They are doing ok. In Japan sony will release the NGP first probably this year, so they will starve the market, fewer PSP's no PSP Go's and then when the NGP launches they hope to get more users.

PSPGo a failure? Yeah
PSPGo online side which'll then go toward NGP's backwards compatibility? Success.

offdawall2669d ago

i love my psp ... but im going to love my NGP more