"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" Audio (Guitar Hero 3 Version)

The music from the final encore of guitar hero III.

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Jdash243659d ago

i just got the newest oxm in the mail.......and it came with the disc that had guitar hero 3 demo on it.........but when i put it in my 360 a screen kept coming up saying i needed to put the disc in a 360 to play it............piece of crap disc, oxm needs to get there act together, thats the second disc ive gotten from them that was unreadable

perseus3658d ago

...if people spent as much time practicing on a real guitar as they spend standing in front of the TV playing Guitar Hero, they would all be able to actually play this song.

Bathyj3658d ago

When I got GH2 I actually wanted to get a guitar cos I used to learn when I was a kid.

I can do Sweet Child almost flawlestly and a decent effort at Freebird but I dont think I'd get close with a real guitar.

ATLRoAcH3658d ago

Because I play the real thing and just don't have an interest in it.A lot of people who don't know how to play the guitar sure do love it though.Four buttons just don't appeal to me I like six strings and twenty two frets myself.By the way sweet child is one of my favorite riffs.I can play freebird but its tiring.

Bathyj3658d ago

I done told you once you SOB, I'm the best there's ever bin.

Bathyj3658d ago

I love that song. Now how about Duellin' Banjoes?

eclipsegryph3658d ago

Holy mother of God. You know, I was really incredulous when I saw that "Devil Went Down to Georgia" was on the GHIII setlist, let alone as the final encore. I've never been more happy to admit that I was wrong. That was hardcore.

Still wish that SOMETHING from Def Leppard was on the list. "Foolin" would have been a good choice.

The Real Joker3658d ago

Hey one question: What has nine arms and sucks?

Def Leppard!