Sony Press Conference Tomorrow

The PSN issue continues to trundle along, picking up rumours and creating doubts and fears along the way. Sony look set to finally address those fears and hopefully give their customers some more concrete indication of the network’s schedule of return with a press conference tomorrow.



For some reason the original story has been suppressed and replaced with this article. Possibly some big business intervention?

Microsoft, I'm looking your way.

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Yeah MS and live may not be saints I'll be the first to admitt it. But one thing I can honestly say up to this point I've yet to get a email from them saying my info has been compromised ever. I heard of a few accounts being hacked but never the whole live community ever.

Sony was more worried about preventing hackers from hacking the ps3 that they never thought anyone would hack their network. And after failoverflow easily found the keys to hack the ps3 and run CFW. Which is a reason why Sony updated the system to 3.56. Which could also be the very reason why hacker(s) was able to hack the network.because they didn't think it was important. But they do now

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I got my email from Sony yesterday afternoon as did a co-worker of mines since her husband uses her credit card for netflix and some DL games.she was even upset about it because she had to print out her credit report and change all her passwords because of this blunder. Not everyone got theirs day one like you did

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i understand that it sucks that folks who only game on the ps3 cant play online, but thats no excuse for using your downtime to instigate fanboy fights.

Same goes for 360 and PC gamers, this is no time to gloat. Hopefully sony beefs up their security and gets PSN back up soon.