L.A. Noire - Not Your Typical Rockstar Game (Hooked Gamers)

The location: Los Angeles. The date: 1947. The problem: crime. The streets are rife with robbery, drugs and murder while gangsters are running the town. Their only threat is the cops who run around after them like mindless donkeys following one lead after another. Everything’s going to change though as Cole Phelps, a World War II veteran, is about to take to the streets with a clean blue uniform and a shiny new badge. Players will take on the role of Phelps as he rises from an average beat cop to a top-notch detective.

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retrofly2785d ago

How did this get approved the link is to a .jpg?

Eiffel2785d ago

LOL, this article never had a chance.

Oh and you contributors who approved this, fail on your part.

retrofly2785d ago

I'm a contributer but it seems you can't report it after its been approved, at least I can't anyway.

NukaCola2785d ago

"Not Your Typical Rockstar Game"

That's because it's a Team Bondi game.

OcelotRigz2785d ago

Thanks for the link.

Cant wait to play this game, the way you progress, the investigation, interrogations, the facial tech etc... it all sounds so refreshing.

Just 3 more weeks.

scotchmouth2785d ago

n4g is all about .jpgs!!!!

TheTruth892785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

free roaming is what count for me.


Damn!! You sure?? that sucks!

InLaLaLand2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I heard there is no free roaming. This game seems similar to Heavy Rain which is not bad. I don't see any replay value from this game. The detective work looks like it is linked to the story that's it.

Edit: I read it somewhere online stating there is no free roam. Type it in on google.

2785d ago
InLaLaLand2785d ago

In my opinion free roam with content (mini games, sub missions) can give a game a lot of replay value and can justify the purchase of a game.

KeiserSosay47882785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

@ -_-_-_-_-_-
Replay value imo helps to justify the $65 price tag for these games.

FunkMcnasty2785d ago

The article reads: "Each case can be completed in many different ways with several possible outcomes that will help fight back the apparent linearity of the game. L.A. Noire keeps the feature of random encounters as seen in Red Dead Redemption, which means that if Phelps hears a crime taking place over his radio he can intervene and assist his fellow cops."

there's your replay value right there.

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edub10262785d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this game. I have Red Dead and GTA's, I agree that free roam takes away from the game. I haven't finished Red Dead yet because I keep getting side tracked. I wonder if you can get fired if you suck at your job.

gravemaker2785d ago

there is a free roam, but no side missions, just collectibles
as in Mafia 2

retrofly2785d ago

There is free roam and there are "side missions" and by that I mean, crimes will come over the Radio and you can deal with them if you want or ignore them and carry on with the main missions.

NukaCola2785d ago

You have plenty of crimes on the side to solve, random encounters, numerous ways to solve each scenario(Replay for higher scores), Side missions & the overall story mission, plus collectibles and more. I don't doubt there is long game in here. Free Roaming in this game seems unnecessary. Maybe a few Cops and Robbers MP modes, but I'd rather dip into this game only going solo.

scotchmouth2785d ago

I anticipate people plowing through the story and selling it back to Gamestop after there is nothing else to do in the game. Then i can pick it up on the cheap!

I think people see that Rockstar logo affiliated with this project and automatically think its going to be along the lines of Red Dead and GTA which it is not.

Looks to be a great game either way though.

Razgriz2785d ago

"...crime. The streets are rife with robbery, drugs and murder while gangsters are running the town. " Oh, really?

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