Would We Be Better Off if Internet Gaming Didn't Exist?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Chris Reiter delves into a perspective piece to beg a question that not many of us think about.

"Think for a second about never being able to play with your friend in another state, a stranger in another country, or ever being tempted to pay for a multiplayer connection and the products that come with it. What would that be like for gamers nowadays?"

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Kran2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

That would be like asking:

Would we be better off if the H2 in H2O didnt exist?

R8342790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I would say no, but I couldn't read your article because the link 404ed.

EDIT: Good, it's fixed now. :)

blitz0x2790d ago

That was strange. I tested it, it worked, and then it didn't. Re-pasted the same link and now it works again. It was adding n4g code to the end of the actual link, so it may have been an n4g-related glitch.

R8342790d ago

I can see your points, but it's mainly down to idiots being idiots online, and spoiling people's fun online by cheating, griefing and shouting down the mic at you.

Having had the PSN down for a good while now, I do miss it when I'm on my PS3 - even if I'm not actually playing online, it's great to see what my friends are doing and to be able to message them.

All in all, I think we would be better of if internet gaming didn't exist for some people, but if can be mature and fair online, then it's great.

agentxk2790d ago

Internet tough guys sometimes take away from the enjoyment factor but truthfully the game market has become a social one.