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A.J Ellis has some issues with PC gaming, namely the lack of accessibility that comes with it for non-PC gamers. He wants to get involved in PC gaming, but with the massive number of hardware options, frustrating communities and unhelpful shops, he can't do it.

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Agent-862639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Geeze, if putting together your own PC is so difficult, then you can always buy one already assembled and tested (that's what I did with my first rig). Then, as you go along, you begin to learn all the basics and, after a couple of upgrades, you'll be able to assemble your own in no time. It really isn't that difficult once you take the effort to learn. Also, check out YouTube for installation and help guides plus Toms Hardware for component reviews and comparisons. I found it better than a blind Google search.

DeadlyFire2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Its so hard, bla, bla, bla. How do you guess which game is better. Lots of people consider going to gaming review websites. Really? Did you know that some of these said websites have PC sections with people that know what they are talking about.

There are also pure PC review sites.

Graphics cards. First find out what is the next one coming out. Then find out which one just came out. Takes 10 minutes or less. A few simple clicks if you know where to go.

Its really simple. Best place to go to find out what is newest is the developer's website.,, Its not that hard to find it. Just laziness.

Maybe read a PC gaming magazine or two. Shouldn't take rocket science to learn much after that.

One thing to always remember. You are not in PC gaming you are into Desktop gaming. Most websites have it termed Desktop. Its a term you should know.

metsgaming2639d ago

its comments like that why people cant get into PC gaming. Oh just learn it ! People just want to play games they dont want to study computers and how to do get things to work, just to get to play a video game. They just want the thing to work and not have to deal with hassles. Thats why consoles are more popular because its plug it in and and insert disc.

Ducky2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Well, that's who consoles are for; People who don't want to fiddle with tech.

It might seem like a negative, but it's the technological freedom (which comes with it's inherent complexity) that attracts some people to PC gaming.

I like the fact that if something goes wrong with my PC, I can usually fix it on my own. Whereas if my console breaks down... then, well, I'm not that lucky.

It translates onto the software side as well. For example, I noticed that the killcam in CoD always showed me being a second behind the action. So I messed with the network settings in the config and tadaa, the delay in the killcam disappeared.

BeastlyRig2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

If you don't like PCs don't be a PC gamer! Most PC gamers like computers! Just Because!!

xTruthx2639d ago

I build my first pc when i was 17(i know it isn't young)with the motherboard manual. Took me 2 hours... so.... it cant be that hard :/

metsgaming2639d ago

Good read and explains one of the biggest reasons why PC gaming is hard to get into. Today if you dont like the mouse and keyboard you can use normal controllers so that has been eliminated but the biggest problems remain and wont go away, ever.

ATiElite2639d ago

1. PC Gaming is not dieing. Seriously with over 30 MMO's coming out in 2011.

2. PC Gaming is NOT for dummies. It's upsetting to read articles that bash PC Gaming because the writer is TOO STUPID to understand technology.

3. if your technically challenged and want to get into PC Gaming but lack the "Brains" to learn then go buy a Mac. Macs are just as simple as consoles.

dragunrising2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Where to begin...

First of all you state that PC gaming is dying by reason that 30 MMO's are coming out/have come out in 2011. Not the best example of why PC gaming is thriving. If your not a fan of MMO's and/or a console gamer unfamiliar with the genre your point has zero meaning for many, many people.

PC Gaming is NOT for dummies? The ability to make a PC, update drivers and bios, overclock, etc is NOT something a lot of people want to spend time doing or learn how to do. It has nothing to do with them being a "dummy." Your statement is fairly ignorant and "elitist." Is your mom, dad or anyone from your family an idiot because they don't understand technology? I'm guessing your answer is no. The fact of the matter is that PC gaming is NOT as accessible as console gaming and therefore a "problem" for many people. Don't dismiss the issue.

Buy a Mac for gaming? Not the best advise.

ATiElite2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Most PC Gamers play MMO's. MMO's are the new genre in gaming. Don't worry though next Gen your console will be full of them but in the mean time I'm sure you enjoy the flood of FPS every month (wow that's so BORING). PC Gaming is thriving because of constant growth and playing online with 10,000 other gamers in real time is a whole lot better than 24.

Is your mom, dad or anyone from your family an idiot because they don't understand technology?...YES! But instead of making up a LAME ass excuses or crying like a MORON they just admit that some technology is just overwhelming.

Buy a Mac for gaming? Not the best advise. that right there lets me know just how inept you are. Macs are highly capable and top tier computers. they are built with quality parts and can easily run games using Mac Steam or Boot camp and Windows. Remember Steam went to Mac before consoles and Valve knows more about gaming than me or you.

like i said if your too dumb or too lazy to understand PC tech then don't talk about it because you only make yourself look stupid like this article. the same rehash of negative PC gaming comments that are just not true and it's annoying.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2639d ago

Well, personally i know how to build a computer. The computer im using right now is a custom built computer, it's not a gaming rig just a little project i wanted to do.
The thing about pc gaming is that it just cost to damn much to keep your system up to date.

Consoles are a good alternative for people like me that want to jump in and not worrying about having to upgrade ever year or 2. It's Obvious why consoles are so popular.

Pc Gaming is most popular in the MMOs but personally i do not like Online Rpg Games, they pull alot of time in if you want to be great at it.
Sure Pc Has steam pulling at least a few million people each day but for a bigger community your looking at 360 or Ps3

KeiserSosay47882639d ago

The way PC development has been going lately, I would argue that upgrading every 2 years isn't really needed. Especially considering the amount of multiplatform ports. Although, there are a few developers coming out and vocally expressing their dissatisfaction for the lack of technological innovation in the PC DICE.

ATiElite2639d ago

Steam has 30 million users....and that's just Steam. The global online PC gaming community is 260 million. So please explain how the 360 and PS3 community is bigger when not every 360 owner is online because they don't wanna pay and PSN has been down for how many days?

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