Thor: God of Thunder - First 15 minutes

First 15 minutes of this tie -in. Thor: God of Thunder is out today in Europe (5/3 in US)

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rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

It's like a poor mans god of war

Quagmire2790d ago

No, it looks like a poor man's Dante's Inferno.

rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

never thought of it like that, guess it is

HBK6192790d ago

It does look pretty damn poor.

Although the voice work seems very decent (seemingly using the real Loki and Thor actors), so you could get a fair bit out of that.

I think the main reason these games fail is due to the lack of imagination with the combat. They just turn the gameplay into mind numbing repetitive drone fighting. Look at how bad the AI is, that isn't fun.

There's potential for real decency with this title, but once again, whether due to low budget or just lack of want the game is going along the usual licensed title crap fest.

_LarZen_2790d ago

I loved the movie so if this game get ok ratings I might just pick it up.

nolifeking2790d ago

Your either a pirate or lucky(early screening?), but I really got to know, are you easy on movies?

_LarZen_2790d ago

It is showing on the cinema here in Norway now, I watched it 2 days ago :)

grailly2790d ago

I just came back from watching it to( in switzerland), suprisingly it came out here before the the states.

I thought it was really good, but it felt short, like a lot of it was cut out.

nolifeking2790d ago

How does Sh*t like this get any attention. If the site is meant to be "News for Gamers", I would think gamers know movie licensed game suck and hearing about them brings on dread as opposed to anticipation.

_LarZen_2790d ago

Tomb Raider says "hello" !

Joke asides, yeah most games based on movies suck big time. Here's hoping this much :)

nolifeking2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Tomb Raider wasn't a game based on a movie, but a game adapted to film. Joke fail. J/k

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The story is too old to be commented.