This is What I Want in Dead Rising 3

Whether or not you're a fan of the series there's no denying they have some serious issues. Sure they're fun, quirky and there's no shortage of fantastically brutal ways to dismember/burn/freeze/mow down the undead but much of the potential fun is held back by some serious flaws. Here are some of the things that are really holding the series back, as well as a few things the series needs to keep in the next game.

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beeeffess2790d ago

Regarding the time limit in DR it should be kept in.

However there should be a sandbox mode unlocked right from the main menu without finishing the main story. But the sandbox would be limited until you do certain things in the main story.

The reason the time limit is there is because the game gets surprisingly boring if you just kill zombies. The missions keep you from getting bored.

On a related note trainers for the PC DR2 are out there and you can stop the clock whenever you want.

Lamarthedancer2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"Regarding the time limit in DR it should be kept in"

I don't know I thought it would be better if it was added in as a kind of hardcore type mode and their would be a no time limit mode. So you can please both sides of the audience

I wouuld of prefered DR without a time limit. I'm the kind of person who likes to do main missions, go and have fun, do some side missions then go back to the main missions and so on. In DR and DR2 you really can't do that unless you start over again which gets annoying because of the load times.

I think their should always be a choice, it's not like it would be hard to put it, I just think more people would have fun if they can do anything they like and not worry about time or looking at their watch.

I mean it's not like people who like the time mode are selfish....if theirs a choice I don't see what the problem could be

rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

I don't think that the time limit should be kept in because although it was intended to create some sort of urgency it ended up just being more of an irritation. Most people didn't not buy dead rising for intense story, it was about the zombie killing and the time limit just detracts from that

BiggCMan2790d ago

How do you guys like 2 compared to the first game? I haven't played 2 yet, but I have played one quite a bit since it came out I just never beat it. I liked it, but it got a bit tedious after a while. I do want to find out how it ends some day, but would you say 2 is better or not as good?

rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

I never played 1 because I've only got a ps3 but my friends seem to like it. 2 is a fun game if a little poor story wise, there should be no issue in completing it but after you do so there isn't much need to go back to it. I tried a couple of weeks ago and just couldn't

ShabbaRanks2790d ago

The timer SUCKS, I remember playing coop mode with my cuz and we past the game without hardly saving anywone because we wanted to explore and kill lol... Then I played alone and tried to save everyone, but it was just wayyyyy too hard... I managed to save and kill everone except for 6 people in the notebook... If I would of found the last six I would of gotten a gold trophy, but its more of a pain in the ass...

I do agree with Robsonmonkey... The game should have an optinal time limit and if U bet the game with the timer you get something special ? ... Maybe

DarkBlood2790d ago

i played the first one on the wii then got the second one on my ps3 while i enjoyed the game the problem was location its hard to do all of them sometimes cuz i get lost or think im going the right way only to find my self all the way to the opposite side of the mall plus not getting enough time to complete the mission

plus though trophies and or achievements shouldnt matter its impossible to kill the x amount of zombies its requiring you to kill before the time limit is finish

because once you beat the game or the time limit is over you have to restart the killing count all over again

Frak2790d ago


and Camera and control like RDR

NnT32912790d ago

Remove the timer, thats it. Why cant they make it like GTA? we should be able to do whatever we want at anytime, isnt that what sandbox is all about?

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