Japan’s Most Wanted: Dragon Quest X Finally Upsets Xillia

The newest edition of Famitsu Magazine’s most wanted list finally has Dragon Quest X pulling back ahead of Tales of Xillia, after several months of second place.

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imoutofthecontest2636d ago

"Upset" is the right word for that screenshot.

Muletroid2636d ago

can't wait for DQX i had a blast with 9 im hoping they carry over some of the elements from it

knifefight2636d ago

Dude looks like he's taking a smash.

Peaceful_Jelly2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Dragon Quest X is vaporware! The game was announce for the Wii since even before FFXIII and the new Wii's coming out in one more year and still no word of it. Now there is no excuse to not port DQX for the other 2 consoles seeing that all the consoles will be almost equally powerful! @[email protected]

EYEamNUMBER12636d ago

well that wont happen its gonna appear on the wii since it has the most units out there in japan and costs very little to develop on compared to the others everyone will go crazy for it will sell millions then it will move on to the next console

VampiricDragon_2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

actually its not vaporwear

the creator said the game is almost done and will get revealed before the end of the year and that was 2 month ago

eagle212636d ago

April 6th 2011: "In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Yuji Horii, creator and scenario writer of the Dragon Quest series, confirmed that the latest iteration, Dragon Quest X, will be ready for the masses soon. Horii stated, “all we can say is that development is going well and we’re on the last parts of the game. We can’t really share much else at this point, but by the end of this year we should be able to announce something regarding it.”

Redempteur2636d ago

"The game was announce for the Wii since even before FFXIII"

LEVEL 5 was doing Both DRAQUE 9 & 10 ..did you expected the team to work on 2 dragon quest at the same time at the same speed ?

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Cloudberry2636d ago

I want all of those titles in the list.

And I wish I have the money to buy most of them...

knifefight2636d ago

What is "Akiba's Trip"? I keep seeing it on these lists and mentioned here and there in Japanese game news, but can't figure out what it is.

Know much about it?

Cloudberry2636d ago

Made by Acquire, the same developer whose develop "Way Of The Samurai" series.

You are an otaku (a person who loves Japanese anime & games related) and while wandering in Akihabara (a known place in Tokyo, Japan), Vampires attack you.

Somehow you aren't dead yet & join the group whose hunt these vampires.

One of the game-play includes, venturing the streets of Akihabara and hunts those vampires which disguise themselves as humans.

The battle system also includes "stripping" the vampire clothes so that they exposed to the sunlight and die.

knifefight2636d ago

That sounds awesomely amazing.

TacoTaru2636d ago

So does this mean we are going to have people running around ripping peoples clothes off and saying they were influenced by a video game? I think it's a craze that could catch on.

laaakokaracha2636d ago

lets just say BOTH games are really wanted in Japan...this famitsu thing of every week another one of the two is most wanted has been going on for a while now...

maybe its just a well working marketing idea working for both games?
well...i cant wait for DQ and ToX :)