Sessler's Soapbox: November Games

Another week, another rant. This time, Adam's going after the big boys. That's right, he's got his targets set on game publishers. Why no games all summer long and then more games than we can count come November? Adam doesn't think it makes sense, and he's ready to let the publishers know it in this week's Sessler's Soapbox.

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HeartlesskizZ4075d ago

so true, to many games on nov. is not bad but why not spread them.
Assassins look like it will take a wile to beat so you wont play nothing else other then that. I reserved COD4 as I was in the need to get back in to a new FPS and some online play so I need to leave Haze for late dec or early Jan.

Omegasyde4075d ago

I agree Cod4 gets top priority and when thats done in comes Haze.

If anything, they should release games rated M all the time, being that the people that usually buy the games "should" be adults. I understand not releasing wii games or ones rated for the young crowd since they will forget about that game they wanted in August for a Holiday present.

I am sorta of happy also with Unreal tournament 3 being delayed. Reason being is that IF i get bored of Cod4 or Haze or Mass Effect, I could sell these games on Ebay or at gamestop for money towards a new game.

Edit: Sessler really needs a booty call. Seriously.

Chris_GTR14075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

UT3 was delayed till jan 08. so theres 1 less game to the list :)

release date Q1 2008

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago

missed that one, can you provide a link?

riqued4075d ago

PC version releases this year.

ShiftyLookingCow4075d ago

its coming out on PC though. 3 games for me this november, Crysis, UT3 and Mass Effect. Everything else next year

solidt124075d ago

Than originally planned. it will have all the maps from the PC version on the PS3. I hope it gets here in december. My thing is why not come out with some of this games during the dry summer that just past. This summer was terrible. Each console had like one game the whole summer that was worth getting. Now November is coming and I can't buy all the games at once. Not because I don't have the money. It's because I don't have the time. I have 3 kids and a job but I can buy all these games whenever I want. COD4, R&C future tools and Drakes fortune is a must buy, but I want to buy Assassins Creed, HAZE, Jericho, Army of Two, and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men but I won't because I don't have time to play all of these, so most of them will have to wait but by the time I can play them MGS4 will be out and I might just pass them by all together. Sessler is right they need to plan releases better because this year the messed up. The 30's crowd would have bought this games this summer but before christmas is really the wrong time for so many hardcore games because we will also be buying our kids stuff, so i think it will be interesting seeing the numbers of which games are selling in november. It's gonna be shocking I think.

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Kotaku4075d ago

COD4, UDF and AC are already full prepaid by me.
so it will take a bit long until I get a new game.

Chris_GTR14075d ago

why would u pay for them already? lol is there really any point in preordering either way? i dont know when ive gone to a store to find out theyve run out.

ATLRoAcH4075d ago

I pre-order my games if there is something I want and have the money right then and there.If I don't pre-order my games when I have the money I'll spend it on something else.Not to mention there are so many games coming out that I want in November (Assassin's Creed,COD:4,Uncharted,and possibly HAZE) that I got to start getting them paid for now. $240 is a lot at once but spread it out and its not that bad.

socomnick4075d ago

Hes so right though publishers need to give us games all year long that we our wallets don't suffer so much.

The True Gamer4075d ago

I mean I just got Halo 3, The Orange Box, and NBA 2k8, Plus, the suprisingly addictive Puzzle Quest from xbox live. Then at the end of this month the insanity really starts. Virtue Fighter 5 - Oct 30
COD 4 - Nov 6
Assassin's Creed - Nov 13
Mass Effect - Nov 20

That is insane, Thank God, I get a 2 week Christmas Vacation, I am going to need it.

And I do not want to even think about 2008, especially since I will be getting a PS3, when I get my tax return.

marcdz14075d ago

This Adam has a very good head on his shoulders no wonder he is on tv and were not. Anyways very good observing. Sadly this has been going on for since the beginning of gaming. These companies are using the old tactics and believing they will sell out if they hold out for the holidays. Well while that used to work back in the day. Many or should I say most of us have grown up and become 25 to 35 year olds and still remain hardcore gamers. Well with this good ripe age comes of-course a more heavy wallet. We can afford games whenever we want and dont have to mow lawns or wait for Christmas to come just to buy these games. Hopefully these companies see this ragin maniac's cry and understand that we want these games year round. Ps WTF is going on with Adam he looks like he is on crack or speed or something. No offense I hope but it's noticeable He can't stop moving to save his life.

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