IGN: Razer Onza Xbox 360 Controller Review

IGN: " In terms of ergonomics, the design is largely similar to the first-party solution, though it is a little lighter and the build feels a little cheaper. Still the handles feel great, and the textured finish gives players a solid grip during lengthy game sessions.

The low-profile buttons are easier to access, and through their use of mechanical switches instead of standard membrane require less force to register a depression. The mechanical design makes quick, on-the-fly actions more effective and multiple taps register faster."

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Wikkid6662790d ago

I was hoping for better reviews of this controller. I'm completely on the fence of whether to get this or not now.

a_bro2790d ago

better than a Mad Katz, thats for sure.

Wikkid6662790d ago

Definitely... I would never buy anything MadCrapz has to offer.

Boody-Bandit2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

MadCatz TE fight sticks are arguably the best perphial on the market for fighting fans. So that is one product, although the parts in the stick are from Sanwa Denshi, is quality and the top of the heap in their category.

Boody-Bandit2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Name a fighting stick that's better than a Mad Catz TE.

antihiroprotagonist2790d ago

Why are you on the fence? It's definitely better than the microsoft controller. It doesn't have a cheaper build quality either; the thing is amazing and the face buttons actuate like mouse buttons.The dpad and thumbsticks are infinitely better. I haven't used the microsoft controller since I got this.

juanvan2790d ago

I give this controller a 9.5 out of 10
After using it since release, it is way more responsive then stock.

The 2 biggest downfalls are your not able to map the stick clicks if you wanted and the triggers have a 3-5 degree of play before they engage.

The weight you get use to after a few plays, along with the mapped buttons. (I hate reloading instead of beating someone down in halo)

The d-pad playing super meat boy was way better then stock, but running and jumping got to be a PITA after a while b/c the buttons are so low. (This was also on the last salt level where you have to run the Whole stage to beat the mirror of you - so was kinda rare to do for 20 mins straight)

I have the TE edition and the stick tension is a great feature for FPS - set halo and cod to 8 - it take a little getting use to but once you do - you won't be taking from a cheap back shot very often.

Though I find my self turning that off for portal or torchlite or any platform game.

DirtyLary2790d ago

So why would you get this?

What game benefits from changing buttons? I thought the xbox controller was pretty much spot on for comfort and playability other than the d-pad for fighting games.

theonlylolking2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Sure the xbox 360 controller is comfortable but everything else lacks which is what the razer onza tried to improve.

Well it lacks for pros or some peeps.

DirtyLary2790d ago

explain , you really didn't tell answer anything. What is lacking that this controller "fixes"?

theonlylolking2790d ago

The 360 controller analog sticks are very low to the controller which is why the FPS freaks were made. The analog sticks also have a very small amount of room to move the stick around so you hit the edges really fast which can cause over shooting.

The buttons like B, A, X, and y do not register every button press you do if you press them fast enough and they wear out over time.

The D-pad speaks for itself.

The 360 controller also does not have mappable buttons .