PSN-gate and Sony's Customer Care

Sinan Kubba writes, "Thing is, when a huge company that I trusted with vital information cocks up big time, my press hat comes off and my consumer hat comes on. And the consumer in me is pissed off right about now."

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TKCMuzzer2703d ago

I'l agree with anyone who suggests the blog writer uses black text instead of grey on white.

JAMurida2703d ago

Still no sign of it coming back up yet... :(

DanteKnightsTemplar2703d ago

..I actually..renewed xbl gold..and preordered Gears2..and loving the Beta. I wouldve bought it in any case..but the last 360 game I got was ME2 and Fifa09...This outage made me dig up the 360 again.. ,Sony fix it asap. Please. I dont wanna use my 360 :( I have trust issues,it'll fry at any time.

sourav932703d ago

Wow. Gears "2" has been out for quite a while now. And you've preordered it? lol j/k

LightSamus2703d ago

I'm getting a bit bored of these Sony articles now.

taylork372703d ago

I getting even more bored of not being able to play Portal 2 coop on the PSN. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.